WANTED: Gothic Knights – Kingdom Of The Knights (1999)


 Gothic Knights – Kingdom Of The Knights (1999)

I have been online since the Fall of 1998 and I have been discovering new bands all over the world with this new invention called “the Internet”. In early ’99, I remember reading reviews on a Metal website I found and they were raving about Gothic Knights, a Power Metal band from Brooklyn, NY. First thing that caught my eye was the album cover, the second was that the band was from Brooklyn. Power Metal from Brooklyn? I thought that only came out of Europe in 1999! I knew nothing about the band, never heard a note, but I knew I wanted it…..it went on the list.

I found a copy shortly thereafter at the local record store but the price was close to $20, the CD was considered an import. I passed on it but I went online to see if could be ordered online. Sure enough, the album was released on Sentinel Steel, a Metal label and an online store. Knowing I could get the album anytime online direct from the label, I waited…..and waited…..and waited. A few years went by and the album went out of print, only 3000 copies were made worldwide. So the last few years have been spent tracking this album on Ebay but the price has always creeped up to the $20 range. Will I ever learn? Just spend the extra couple of bucks already!

Sentinel Steel is one of my favorite online stores and they just happened to announce an additional 666 copies printed and added to the initial run of KINGDOM OF THE KNIGHTS. The plan is that the band is going to re-record the vocals with new singer Rick Sanchez and remix the album for release in 2010. Not sure why it will take 2 years but copies are available for $10.88 plus shipping.

Looks like I may be ordering this week before I get shutout again…..

6 comments on “WANTED: Gothic Knights – Kingdom Of The Knights (1999)

  1. You know Gothic Knights is one of those bands I’ve been curious about, but have bothered with. Brooklyn eh? I may have to reconsider checking them out.

  2. GOTHIC KNIGHTS debut will be always my fave album by the band but KINGDOM OF THE KNIGHT is good too. Steve, check out CAULDRON BORN too, they were a great true metal band. TWISTED TOWER DIRE too.

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