Current Playlist

I’ve been concentrating on a few albums I’d like to do reviews on soon but I had to put on some Motley Crue to get in the mood for the press conference.

Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love (1982): Had to gear up for the big Motley Crue press conference with my favorite Crue record.

Wicked Stick – Ill Inspired (2007): Getting this ready for review.

Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard (2007): I never get sick of Lana Lane albums and this one is excellent so far. Another up for review this week.

Don Dokken – Solitary (2008): I’m trying to get through this one but it’s hard to take in. It needs many focused listens because it’s a departure from the typical Dokken sound. Review up this week.

Dokken – Shadowlife (1997): This album and SOLITARY, Don’s new solo disc, are very similar. I’m trying to compare both because I liked parts of SHADOWLIFE.

StarofAsh – The Thread (2008): Heidi Solberg Tveitanm, aka Ihriel from Peccatum, has released another ambient Metal solo record full of orchestration and experimentation. Reminds me of The Gathering – Nighttime Birds (1999) with no vocals.

Pharoah – Be Gone (2008): I’m enjoying this one a lot and I should have this review up end of next week in time for the U.S. release.

Zero Hour – Dark Deceiver (2008): Gave this one a quick spin this morning so it’s too early to comment. Album release date is 4/29/08.


3 comments on “Current Playlist

  1. I liked the Pharoah disc enough. I got Zero Hour, but have not played it yet. I had some Lana Lane disc sent to me last year, it was a cover album I think. I only made it through a few tracks before giving up on it.

  2. I’m excited about the new Zero Hour album, though “Towers Of Avarice” is still my favourite. I was into some early Lana Lane (I think it was Queen Of The Ocean), but at the time I was getting into more heavy and extreme metal and never got back to her. I am curious about her Lady Macbeth album though. How is that album? I look forward to your review of her new one.

  3. Mark – I’ve had the Pharaoh & Zero Hour discs for a few weeks, they are pretty good. The latest Lana Lane is also very good, I just don’t like all the cover albums she does. I passed on the last one, GEMINI (2006).

    DPTH – I have to go back and check out the previous Zero Hour but the new one is great. As far as LADY MACBETH, it was a good record but I thought that 2002’s PROJECT SHANGRI-LA was much better.

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