Ebay Madness: Friction – Baby Talk (1990) CD sells for $515!


Friction – Baby Talk (1990, Nizer Top Records) sells for $515!

Seller – bluesaranda
Starting Price = $49.99
Bids = 24

Here is the auction description:
This is an ORIGINAL NEVER OPENED Friction Baby Talk CD from one of the greatest bands from the 80’s & 90’s. This CD is NOT a reissue or a CDR, this is an original silver pressed CD from 1990. This CD has been in storage for 18 years and is in perfect condition and factory sealed. I know the guys from Friction and worked for them when the CD came out. The pictures show the unopened CD with my personal copy of Baby Talk with the booklet to show you what you get inside the unopened CD. The booklet inside the unopened CD contains song lyrics and a bit of info on the band, the centerfold shows a picture of the band in the background behind the lyrics.

(It was difficult getting good pictures with the wrapper on the CD, I can email better pictures if needed.)

PLEASE NOTE: this auction is for the unopened CD only. The opened CD is not for sale and is NOT included in this auction.

Baby Talk was released on Nizer Top Records in 1990, Friction’s own label. This CD contains the catalog number NT11090. Total running time on CD is 41:05. The CD contains 11 amazing songs with great hooks and fantastic harmonies. It is a shame that these guys never got signed to a major label deal.
Well this was an auction worth watching! The seller actually contacted me before the auction about my Friction album review and then went over to Heavy Harmonies for more info. I’ve talked to the seller over the last few days and it turns out he was friends with the band and his guitar was used to record some parts. So it’s not only a CD but a little slice of history to go along with it for $515! Congrats to bluesaranda!

I was interested in the CD and I was hoping that the 2005 Retrospect Records “reissue” (that is no longer listed on their website) would keep the price down. The “reissue” went for around $30 plus shipping but was a green-tinted CDR with blurry cover art and no booklet. Not sure if the Retrospect edition was done with consent of the band, and I’m not going to have a discussion on that here, but I was lucky enough to buy it and have the music in my collection. I would prefer an original though and I was hoping the price would stay around $100…..2 days to go and it was around $250!

The seller is supposed to let his friends in the band know about the auction and the information online about Friction. Hopefully the band can do a proper reissue where the collectors and fans can get the music at a reasonable price.

12 comments on “Ebay Madness: Friction – Baby Talk (1990) CD sells for $515!

  1. Are you out of your mind? I’ll take my chances. With 19 Watchlisters, I can’t see it going that cheap.

  2. Just turned down an offer for $300 on the auction, also. See the link for details. I posted the question to the auction.

  3. Big ups to you, Got One! Don’t let those jackasses lowball you. I have a snipe set for later tonight. I don’t expect to win, but let’s just say I’ll guarantee $300 won’t win it unless there’s a worldwide power outage.

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