Motley Crue Metal Mixtape – 4/15/08

Motley Crue had a big press conference and performance today announcing this summer’s U.S. tour…..Cruefest. I decided to make a mixtape of Crue tunes but picking only one from each studio record. Here’s what I came up with…..

‘Public Enemy #1’ (1982) – Always been my one of my favorite Crue songs.

‘Red Hot’ (1983) – Love this song live, a forgotten song on an awesome record.

‘City Boy Blues’ (1985) – There was no way in hell I was picking either hit single because they are so overplayed. I always liked this tune because it opened the album.

‘Wild Side’ (1987) – If I had to choose between this song and the album’s title track, I have to pick this one. ‘Wild Side’ reminds me of the tour stop I saw in Providence with Whitesnake opening.

‘Without You’ (1989) – Probably one of the most underrated ballads of the ’80s. Every mixtape needs a ballad and this is an exceptional one. The wife didn’t mind me playing it a couple times either!

‘Primal Scream’ (1991) – Ok, this song isn’t on a proper studio album but it’s a great song. It needs inclusion to mark the end of an era.

‘Hooligan’s Holiday’ (1994) – An obvious choice from the self-titled album with John Corabi at the mic. This was the first single and I haven’t listened to the album in s long time. I think I’ll pull it out for the next listening pile.

‘Confessions’ (1997) – One of my favorites off of GENERATION SWINE, reminds me of some good times I had a long time ago. It also reminds me of the concert in Worcester, MA with Cheap Trick I saw on this tour.

‘New Tattoo’ (2000) – Why not have a second ballad on the tape? Everyone forgets this album, made with Randy Castillo (R.I.P.) on drums…..I think it’s solid.

‘If I Die Tomorrow’ (2005) – Again, not from a proper studio album but an excellent track.

‘Saints Of Los Angeles’ (2008) – I don’t actually own this, I refuse to download it from iTunes but it’s streaming all over the Net. I really like this new track and I have high hopes for the new record.

4 comments on “Motley Crue Metal Mixtape – 4/15/08

  1. I will never understand how “Red Hot” wasn’t a single. It was perhaps the best song on the album. A year or two later when this stuff was storming the charts, SATD might have had five or six singles. As it stood they had two, right? I just don’t understand how one of them wasn’t “Red Hot.”

  2. Bob, I think Motley Crue were opening doors a little with this album in terms of what the radio stations were willing to play. Remember they were still considered kind of metal in 83-84 so I think their label and a lot of people were perhaps taken off guard by their success. Maybe the label and the management didn’t push to get as many singles as they could out of this album.

  3. I have to agree with all of you, ‘Red Hot’ is one of the best songs one the album. I think Mark makes a great point, the label was trying to break the band and probably weren’t sure if they had a success on their hand. Only 2 singles & videos came from SATD (Looks That Kill & Too Young To Fall In Love), they could have done more. Or am I forgetting one?

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