Judas Priest announce details of new album Nostradamus

From Billboard:

Over two years in the making, Judas Priest will finally unveil its 16th studio album, NOSTRADAMUS, June 17 via Epic in North America and a day earlier internationally.

A double-disc set that tells the story of the 16th century prophet, Michel de Nostredame (whose name is often ‘Latinized’ as Nostradamus), the release is Priest’s first-ever concept album, and was recorded throughout 2006 and 2007 at Old Smithy Studio in the UK.

“Making Nostradamus was a new experience for us in Judas Priest, insomuch as this was going to be a conceptual writing and recording event,” Priest singer Rob Halford tells Billboard.com. “His life is well-documented, so for us it was all about taking the significant episodes he went through, and then with the right emotion, create music and lyrics that would convey them.”

On the album, Halford, guitarists K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis spread their stylistic wings, experimenting with symphonic orchestration and choirs.

Three configurations of Nostradamus will be issued. The most common will be a regular jewel-cased double CD, but there will also be a “CD deluxe hardbound version,” which features a 48-page booklet, while a “super deluxe version” will include three vinyl records (in addition to the CD deluxe packaging, plus a poster).

While there have been some European dates announced in support of Nostradamus (the chief one being a performance as part of this year’s Download Festival in England, which also features KISS and MOTÖRHEAD, among others), there will soon be an announcement about Priest’s plans for a U.S. tour.

In the meantime, Halford dropped a hint as to what’s in store for the group’s later headline dates. “As we recorded and listened to the music, and much like a lot of Priest songs, you cannot help but see images in your mind. We constantly thought about special effects and visual elements that will connect musically that we want to use onstage when we will perform all of ‘Nostradamus’ live,” he says. “Again, like every song we compose, the transition from studio to concert is one we think about and make sure we can deliver the goods.”

Here is the track list for Nostradamus:

Dawn Of Creation – “Prophecy”
Awakening – “Revelations”
The Four Horsemen – “War”
Sands Of Time – “Pestilence And Plague”
Peace – “Conquest”
“Lost Love”
Solitude – “Exiled”
Shadows In The Flame – “Visions”
Hope – “New Beginnings”
Calm Before The Storm – “Nostradamus”
“Future Of Mankind”


2 comments on “Judas Priest announce details of new album Nostradamus

  1. If I get a chance to check out some tunes beforehand, I’d probably plunk down the cash for the “CD deluxe hardbound version”. I just can’t help worrying about this being a clunker, just because so many releases I had been looking forward to recently turned out to be bland at best, total crap at worst. But, if anyone can pull this kind of release off, it’s Priest.

  2. One more: Is there any info on who produced this, maybe even info on who did the mastering? I’d hate to see this go the way of many recent botch jobs. With keyboards, choirs and whatnot, this could really sound like crap if handled by one of those tweeps that despite his job is a member of that dreadful iTunes generation (you know, the one that thinks if it is louder, brighter and compressed like hell, it MUST sound good. *barf*)

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