This week’s schedule…..

I’m still going strong with posts on a daily basis. For me, that’s pretty good! As of this post, I’ll be up to #33 for April ’08. The last time I had over 33 posts in a month was August 2006 when I topped out at 43. Either I have way too much time on my hands or I have a lot to say right now. Not sure how this will go but right now it’s going…..

So here’s what’s planned for this week…..I hope!

  • the Lana Lane review WILL happen.
  • Current playlist
  • another band specific Metal Mixtape
  • a CD Scavenger Hunt that catches up with all the delayed online & Ebay purchases (toward the end of the week)
  • Ebay Madness
  • StarofAsh review
  • the Tank box set review (most likely Saturday)
  • Testament review
  • any news that catches my eye

I just got the new Testament in the mail so I’d like to really listen to it and review. I’ve been purposefully avoiding any reviews because I want to enjoy this album. I’d like to get up to a review a day but it’s hard to give each album a proper listen. I might also do some site maintenance this week, the ABOUT page needs serious updating and I have tons of comments to respond to.



One comment on “This week’s schedule…..

  1. You will love the new TESTAMENT cd STeve, its just great. Will be nice to read how you go into the record store and buy cds and all the aventure of buying. Those are my fave posts!!!!!!!!!!HAIL STEVE.

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