Black Sabbath – The Rules Of Hell (5 CD box set) announced!

From webmaster Joe Seigler:

When Black Box was released in 2004, one of the things not mentioned then was “what about remastering all the other Sabbath albums?” Well, today (part of) that has been announced. First off, I must state that this is NOT called Black Box II. That’s my own name. This is called “The Rules of Hell”.

I have already asked a few questions of Band management regarding this box set, when I get some answers, I’ll report back. What I’ve asked is this:

Is this a new remastering session, or is it the same sessions that produced the versions used on the Dio Years?

Anything in the way of extras, or is it just the albums like it was in Black Box?

Will there be Geezer (or Ronnie as the case may be) approved lyrics again like there were in Black Box?

Will the albums be made available on their own, or only as part of this box set?

Again, I do not know the answers to these questions – yet. When I find out, I’ll report back. This is very cool, as the Dio era albums need an upgrade. I’m hopeful about the extras, because there are more tracks sitting around than what were on the actual albums, so hopefully some of that stuff can be released, too. Here is the official text regarding this set:

Heaven & Hell will be supporting the release of ‘The Rules Of Hell’ a five-CD boxed set available on July 22nd from Rhino Records which features re-mastered versions of all four Dio-era Black Sabbath albums (‘Heaven and Hell,’ ‘Mob Rules,’ ‘Live Evil,’ and ‘Dehumanizer’) in a deluxe package with new liner notes.

A personal note: That leaves “Black Box 3: The Everything else set”. Bring that on too, guys!


Very cool! I’m a huge Sabbath fan and I particularly prefer the post-Ozzy/Dio led years. It was only a matter of time before this came out and I’m glad they decided to because the Dio era always gets brushed aside for the Ozzy era. With the success of Heaven & Hell and THE DIO YEARS CD, Rhino probably decided it was the right time. Add the fact that Heaven & Hell is working on a new record! Wow! This is going to be great!

One question: What’s the 5th disc if all four Dio albums are included?

— Steve

5 comments on “Black Sabbath – The Rules Of Hell (5 CD box set) announced!

  1. I love the simplicity but great detail of the cross design for the cover. I wish there were some other unreleased treasures in this set but… I’m just glad they are showing signs of activity again! Last years shows were fantastic.

    Now, I want a full album!


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  3. It’s Simple

    5 CD’s

    1.- Heaven And Hell
    2.- The Mob Rules
    3.- Live Evil: Disc 1
    4.- Live Evil: Disc 2
    5.- Dehumanizer

  4. There work should have never been done, but with DIO’s recent passing the Metal Master’s work is done. He had so much more to share and based on what he showed in the last ten years we was truely cheated out of a much great work. DIO seem to only be getting started to get more intense or at least consistant to continue to share his gift of his talented work. It is a truely sad day and Hell for us as Heaven gain on this great person who entertained us. It is a lonely feeling without DIO being with us.

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