Journey – ‘Never Walk Away’ (2008, new song) on YouTube

‘Never Walk Away’ is the new Journey single, from the forthcoming new album REVELATION, featuring new vocalist Arnel Pineda. This song is taken from a radio broadcast so the sound quality isn’t what it should be but I’m glad to hear a preview.

Always great guitar work from Neal Schon but listen to Pineda… we know why he was picked for the job, he sounds almost exact to Steve Perry!

18 comments on “Journey – ‘Never Walk Away’ (2008, new song) on YouTube

  1. Sounds decent. I own Evolution, Arrival, and Greatest Hits, but outside of the Hits release, I just can’t get into them. They’re pleasant sounding, but nothing that I really care for passionately outside of their singles.

    I do wish Schon would get back to a hard rock band, even if as a side project.

  2. That sounds good, it reminds of good classic rock, It doesn’t sound like Perry but it gives another life for journey…We will get a copy of this high quality album..

  3. This band keeps going for good reason – people that compose, play instruments, and can actually sing without the use of technology hmmm – what a concept! Great job JOURNEY c u in St. Louis!

  4. Well, I like it…and its not that hard tooo enjoy,well,done Arnel P. ps, Wy wife like you too.(Shes Filipino I’m not ). But to tell you I wish you Luck and as for the other Memberof the Band?. New Soound New Band……Steve P Sound how can you do this to Arnel… Let him get his Own SOUND.. He’s Really good, don’t let him Play Backseat too Steve P… He has his own sound……………….JUST A NEW FAN, thats all

  5. Never Walk Away is not bad. I think it’s a step in the right direction. With Arnel’s energy & powerful voice, Journey could go for a bit more rock. Just my personal opinion based on Arnel’s version of Chain Reaction & Edge of the Blade. He rocked it!

  6. While AP, during his pre-Journey days, sang the old Journey songs almost exactly as SP’s voice and style, the Revelation songs, particulary Never Walk Away and After All These Years, as I heard them, no longer have any semblance of SP’s voice. These are all AP’s own voice and style now. Sadly, I could not pre-order the Revelation package, neither could I download the MP3 on line as I live in Japan. Wal-Mart should have scheduled the release of the Revelation package internationally at the same time.

  7. I’m a huge fan of Journey and an even bigger fan of Neal Schon. This is ok but it is a major repackaging of “Be Good To Yourself” isn’t it? I’ll take it though. AP sound’s great.

  8. This guy AP is truly a phenom. I never knew journey before although their songs rang bells in my ears, until Ellen Degeneres introduced Pineda in her show. Now, I am a Journey fan and even got its new cd. I think they should start making songs for AP’s amazing voice, not just for him to sing under someone else’s shadow. After all, he’s got talent and is a real keeper. Good Luck!

  9. very good………..good luck arnel…..iam now a journey fan.have the new cd already….listening as i drive

  10. Needs more schon guitar with every song…with out – it is just another soft rock album. Journey needs to reveiw their early albums and build from those…not raised on radio. AP sounds good but he’s trying to be steve p which he can only come close. I like the two new singles but the other songs I already have…with the lead singer that made them what they are…

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