WANTED: Lita Ford – Dancin’ On The Edge (1984)


Lita Ford – Dancin’ On The Edge (1984)

One of my side projects involving my music collection is creating a database of what I own and what I don’t. I’m not on letter “F” yet but I was filing CDs away when I noticed that some of my CDs were not in alphabetical order. I pulled out most of the “F’s” and started re-filing them properly. (Yes, I really do this!) As I’m re-filing, I notice that my Lita Ford collection starts with OUT FOR BLOOD (1983) but skips to LITA (1988)…..where is DANCIN’ ON THE EDGE? I was sure I bought this a long time ago.

This time I didn’t go crazy like I have done previously with other missing discs but I did take the time to look at everything to make sure it wasn’t misplaced. Nothing. So now I need this album. Why? Because I thought I had it. Not only that but ‘Gotta Let Go’ is a really good song that was probably my first exposure to Lita Ford.

I took a look around Ebay and copies of this album go for around $15 to $30 dependig on supply and demand. There is a 2007 reissue of this record with OUT FOR BLOOD as a remastered “2 on 1” package from the BGO label. It’s a legit reissue and priced decently but I already own OUT FOR BLOOD so I prefer getting the original CD. 

6 comments on “WANTED: Lita Ford – Dancin’ On The Edge (1984)

  1. When I started cataloging my collection, I also started a running tab of discs that I don’t have that I need to complete my collection.

    At the last tally, that half of the spreadsheet was up to 150 discs…lol.

  2. Good you are cataloging your collection Steve. I have bands on alfabetic order too but the records of each band i dont have them in order, just the bands. I have my cds and lps like that. Then i have my spanish heavy metal all together, cds and lps and my south american lps together. That make it easier when i want to listen to bands from those countries. I have all my picture discs and singles mixed and compilation lps are together too.

  3. Rob – That list just keeps growing, doesn’t it? Everytime I go online, I add more!

    Mark – Didn’t know about the booklet, that’s good because it shows the reissuing label put some thought into the release.

    Rene – Its slow going but I’m getting them together. I file my albums in alphabetical order by band, chronological by album within the band. I mix the EPs and singles in with the regular albums but I keep soundtracks and compilations separate. One thing I am doing is putting in the home country of every band so I can make lists by countries.

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