Current Playlist – Whitesnake

I figured I’d kick off Whitesnake week with what I’ve been listening to this week. I don’t have every Whitesnake album, nor do I have all the David Coverdale/Northwinds stuff, but I have most. The one album that is NOT on my playlist is the self-titled album from ’87 (titled 1987 in the U.K.). I am so sick of hearing ‘Still Of The Night’, ‘Here I Go Again’, and ‘Is This Love’ on the local Rock stations and VH-1 Classic. These are great songs but they were overplayed back in ’87 and it seems like they are overplayed now! So here’s what’s been spinning…..

Good To Be Bad (2008) – I’ve been spinning this album a few times a day and I have to admit, I like it. There are some mixed reviews online but overall they are mostly positive. I’ve had the advance 3 track single for a month and ‘Lay Down Your Love’ is a really great song. I thought the pairing of Doug Aldrich with Dio was good, putting him with Coverdale is even better.

Slip Of The Tongue (1989) – I always liked this record. It’s similar to it’s counterpart from ’87 (three hit singles & massive MTV rotation) but it seems to be forgotten by many. My only complaint is the continued recycling of older Whitesnake material…..

Slide It In (1984) – My favorite Whitesnake record! The first three songs alone are Hard Rock classics and should be recognized as such. Everyone forgets the power of ‘Slide It In’, ‘Slow An’ Easy’, and my favorite ‘Love Ain’t No Stranger’. I’m still seeking out the U.K. version that has the original mix with the keyboards and bass higher in the sound for a more ’70s feel.

Saints & Sinners (1982) – I love pulling this album and playing it for people who don’t realize that ‘Here I Go Again’ was originally released on this record. Same for ‘Crying In The Rain’. A few years ago, I won tickets to a concert (not Whitesnake) for correctly answering a trivia question. Obviously the question was “What year did Whitesnake release ‘Here I Go Again’? I called and said ’82 and I was told I was wrong! I told the DJ to look it up and I was right, the DJ had nothing to say but give me the prize…..on live radio!

Lovehunter (1979) – One of my favorite album covers of all time! I started listening to this record, got to ‘Medicine Man’ (track #4) and the CD started skipping like crazy. Turns out there’s a big scratch on the disc I didn’t notice before.

Snakebite (1978) – First proper record from the band with Coverdale, Moody, Marsden, and Murray all together. ‘Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City’, great tune!

David Coverdale – Into The Light (2000) – Yeah, I picked this up when it first came out figuring this was as close to a proper Whitesnake record we would get. It’s decent but nothing groundbreaking.

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