Whitesnake Mixtape

I’m listening to Whitesnake albums but there are a few standout tracks I’ve had to hit the “repeat” button for so here’s a quick mixtape of some of my favorite Whitesnake songs…..

‘Love Ain’t No Stranger’ (1984) – Best song off SLIDE IT IN and one of my all-time favorite Whitesnake songs. Should have been a huge single way back in ’84 but I do remember it getting decent airplay during the last half of the ’80s when the band was topping the charts.

‘The Deeper The Love’ (1989) – I always liked this ballad better than ‘Is This Love’. The chicks used to love it back in the day so it was a must play at our parking lot parties.

‘Lay Down Your Love’ (2008) – Probably the best song on the new album. A nice mix of late ’80s Whitesnake with a slight nod to the bluesier ’70s, mostly because Coverdale’s voice is a little grittier. I can hear this one being a crowd favorite in many arenas during this tour.

‘Spit It Out’ (1984) – “Spit it out…..if you don’t like it!” What’s not to love about a song with that line in the chorus! Another gem off of SLIDE IT IN that no one remembers. I remember hearing this once on the radio back in the day when they would play full albums late at night. I was 12 yrs old and I remember laughing my ass off that they played it on the radio!

‘Shake My Tree’ (1993) – This tune was off the Coverdale/Page album and only counts during Whitesnake week because it was a big time single. Remember the controversy that surrounded Jimmy Page collaborating with Coverdale after Robert Plant kept calling him “Cover-version”?

‘Straight For The Heart’ (1987) – I cheated! I played part of the self-titled ’87 album! This one was single #5 and it was toward the end of that album’s run. When I do play the actual record, I usually play this twice to make up for skipping the first four singles.

‘Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City’ (1978) – I know it’s a cover and it breaks my long standing rules against cover songs on albums but this is a solid version.

‘Here I Go Again’ (1982) – Only played it to hear the original version and the fact that SAINTS & SINNERS will be reviewed this week. 

‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’ (1981) – Top 20 single in Europe from COME AN’ GET IT and I remember the band played it live when I saw them a few years ago with the Scorpions.

‘Fool For Your Loving’ (1980) – Had to hear the original from READY AN’ WILLING to compare it to the ’89 version.

‘Fool For Your Loving’ (1989) – Comparison with the original from ’80. Coverdale a master of recycling his own material and making it work better the second time around. Got all the way to the Top 5 in the U.S.

2 comments on “Whitesnake Mixtape

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  2. Interesting to see that you go for most of the “hits”. I usually go for the lesser-known titles as I’ve stated elsewhere on this site.

    BTW: I gave the new album another chance and, I’m sorry to say, I think it sucks. I know that sounds harsh, but so does the CD. Sound quality aside (*groan*), I have the feeling that Coverdale didn’t move a single tiny inch since the 90s. Not one. Same old same old – across the entire board. He’s trying to recreate what was once popular without taking into account that the world has moved on, considerably. The whole thing is a major disappointment.

    [Disclaimer: Said by a person who hopes the new Journey album sounds much like the early ones with Perry … identical. I know, I’m more than schizophrenic at times).

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