Whitesnake Week

This week is all about Whitesnake!

This past week, after 10 long years, David Coverdale and his band have finally released their brand new album, GOOD TO BE BAD. To celebrate the new record, this whole week will be about Whitesnake…..

SundayWhitesnake Mixtape and Current Playlist

MondaySaints & Sinners (1982) album review

TuesdaySlide It In (1984) album review and Videos from the album

WednesdayWhitesnake WANTED! and Whitesnake Website Spotlight

ThursdaySlip Of The Tongue (1989) album review and Videos from the album

FridayGood To Be Bad (2008) album review and ‘Lay Down Your Love’ video

SaturdayMy thoughts on Whitesnake

(NOTE — For even more Whitesnake, please check out the review I wrote back in the beginning of March ’07 for the WHITESNAKE (1987) album.)

4 comments on “Whitesnake Week

  1. I have a very strange relation ship with WHITESNAKE. I have most of their albums, DONINGTON MONSTERS OF ROCK original live video tape(that i love), original video tape with their video clips released in the late 80s,….but i dont listen to them much. Two years ago we went to a festival and we saw ANVIL, and ONSLAUGHT playing but when it was WHITESNAKE´s turn we went to the car to drink and listen to WITCHTRAP when everybody else was at the concert. I am not interested to see WHITESNAKE live nowaday but i will still buy their new album, the special edition. Strange but true.

  2. Yes, i skipped that WHITESNAKE concert and its not the first concert i have skipped at a festival. i do that all the time lol.

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