Looking back & coming this week…..

I had fun doing Whitesnake Week last week. I thought I put up some decent reviews, and I’ve gotten more than a few emails regarding some of my choices, so at least I generated some discussion. I’m hoping to do another Band Week soon, not sure when, but it won’t take a year like this last time.

Taking a look back at April…..it was my best month for posting in the history of my site. I published 58 posts in April and I actually kept a consistent schedule! My previous high was 43 back in August ’06 and I have averaged anywhere from 15 to 25 posts a month since. One of the reasons I started posting more was no more sportstalk radio. The local station changed formats a couple of months ago and I have been playing more CDs than being glued to sports call-in shows. Another helpful reason is that my work schedule changed slightly and I have an extra day off every week. A little more free time to listen to albums and write!

So what’s coming up?

I have a pile of CDs that is growing faster everyday. Some are new releases I bought recently, some are promos from bands & labels, and some are albums I picked up months ago that I haven’t given a proper listen. I need to catch up on the promos at least so the next two weeks are going to be very focused on album reviews. This week I am planning on posting reviews of the following:

  • Pharoah – Be Gone (2008)
  • Testament – The Formation Of Damnation (2008)
  • Teach’em All: A High School Tribute To Metallica (2008)
  • Zero Hour – Dark Deceiver (2008)
  • Asia – Phoenix (2008)
  • DC4 – Explode (2007)
  • Def Leppard – Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (2008)

I’m looking to post a review every day this week but I don’t know which one on which day. I also have a couple of quick posts ready to go:

  • another “catching up” edition of CD Scavenger Hunt
  • a quick Ebay Madness

I’m also trying to catch up on responding to everyone’s comments and I am in the middle of answering questions sent to me for an interview. This will be the first time anyone has interviewed me so I think it’s pretty cool and I’ll post the link when it’s online.

That’s all for now…..cheers!

4 comments on “Looking back & coming this week…..

  1. 58 posts?
    I have 6 and thought THAt was a lot.
    I think 10 would be the most I’d ever be able to put live.

    Def Leppard has a new CD out?
    I had no idea. Must go and check, although I was never a regular listener besides when it comes around to the first two LPs. Those were grand when I was, err, much younger. ;)

  2. I will wait for your ASIA and TESTAMENT review and it will be nice to know what you think about the DEF LEPPARD cd. I listen to some samplers and it sound better then X , a little like their tribute YEAH with some guitar solos. Still not a very good album in my opinion(after listening to those samplers).
    It will be nice to read again when you go to that record shop near you and to read what happend to you inside, if you saw somebody else buying something you wanted to buy, or if you have problems with people working their like you had in the past etc….i will wait for that. Hail to you foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.

  3. Looking forward to your Testament review. That’s an album I’m eagerly awaiting. As well as Zero Hour. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for years and I’m excited about this new release as well.

  4. Volkher – I got ambitious so I did well. Now if I could sustain momentum…

    Rene & DPTH – Asia, Testament & Zero Hour reviews this week…..maybe the Def Leppard too.

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