What’s going on this week…..

As usual, I’m way behind listening to CDs. Right now I have a pile of 40 CDs that are either new releases I bought or albums I’ve received from bands/labels to review. There’s a lot of different styles and a ton of new music so things are going to get very review intensive around here.

The reviews that are definite this week are the latest from Engel, Shannon, Anvil, Swashbuckle, Tyr, and the Gigantour 2 DVD. I was supposed to have these last week but it’s safe to say I’ll never catch up!

The reviews I’m going to TRY to fit in are the new MSG, new Dokken, & the upcoming Kataklysm and W.A.S.P.’s DOMINATOR. Not sure if that WASP record will get in, I’m still listening to it.

An ambitious week for sure…..wait and see what happens!

I’m working on a couple of things to be posted later in the year:

  1. I’ve already started compiling my Top Albums of 2008. It’s never too late to start and I’ve been good at keeping up with major releases so this year’s list should be a Top 25 at least.
  2. I started a list of 2007 albums I missed and would have made the Top 15 or an expanded list.
  3. I have a list going of releases I haven’t picked up yet this year and why.

2 comments on “What’s going on this week…..

  1. Great that you are going to have a top 25 list this year. 15 is to little and hard to do i think lol.
    I am waiting specialy for your MSG review, new DOKKEN(that i still didnt decided to buy), and ANVIL.

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