Journey – Revelation (2008)

Journey – Revelation (2008, self-released)

(NOTE – Album released as a Wal-Mart only exclusive)

CD 1

  1. Never Walk Away
  2. Like A Sunshower
  3. Change For The Better
  4. Wildest Dream
  5. Faith In The Heartland
  6. After All These Years
  7. Where Did I Lose Your Love
  8. What I Needed
  9. What It Takes To Win
  10. Turn Down the World Tonight
  11. The Journey (Walk Away)

CD 2

  1. Only The Young
  2. Don’t Stop Believin’
  3. Wheel In The Sky
  4. Faithfully
  5. Any Way You Want It
  6. Who’s Crying Now
  7. Separate Ways
  8. Lights
  9. Open Arms
  10. Be Good To Yourself
  11. Stone In Love

DVD – Live In Concert from Las Vegas, NV (14 song setlist)

Band Lineup:
Arnel Pineda – Lead Vocals
Neal Schon – All Guitars & Backing Vocals
Jonathan Cain – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Ross Valory – Bass & Backing Vocals
Deen Castronovo – Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Producer on CD 1: Kevin Shirley 
Producers on CD 2: Kevin Shirley, Neal Schon & Jonathan Cain

Total Time (CD 1) = 56:27
Total Time (CD 2) = 48:44
DVD – (Region 1, NTSC, Running Time = N/A )

Journey official website
Journey MySpace page

If you’ve been following Journey at all in the last couple of years you’ll have heard about a band in turmoil and a band only concerned with the nostalgia of playing the hits. Flashback to 2001 and Journey made a welcome comeback with former Tall Stories singer Steve Augeri and a new album titled ARRIVAL. Critics and fans embraced the band and their new singer who coincidentally sounded similar to their former microphone maestro Steve Perry. Augeri helped return Journey back to respectability with a solid performance on ARRIVAL and on tour through 2004 but, in 2005 with the release of another new record, GENERATIONS, rumors began to fly about vocal problems. A scandal involving backing tapes being used live on the 2006 tour surfaced and, when it was obvious he couldn’t continue, Augeri left and was replaced by Jeff Scott Soto, a long time friend of Neal Schon. I saw the tour stop in Mansfield, MA and the band with Soto was tight and powerful but the band parted ways with JSS when the tour was over at the end of 2006. More rumors flew that a reunion with Steve Perry was on the horizon, another hinted at Augeri coming back, and finally that the band was over. News surfaced as the new year turned that Journey were looking at singers who performed in Journey tribute acts. Almost immeadiately the band’s fans started spreading whispers of greatest hits tours and the end of original material but Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain surprised everyone when they hired Filipino singer Arnel Pineda and released a new single, ‘Never Walk Away’, this past February. Now we finally have the new album REVELATION.

REVELATION is an independent release by the band and distributed exclusively by Wal-Mart, this arrangement guarantees Journey’s new album to be well-stocked in all of the retail giant’s stores across the U.S. Journey has followed other Classic Rock legends like The Eagles and REO Speedwagon in this type of arrangement and has also followed their example by giving the average fan more music for their hard earned dollar with a 2 CD package with a bonus live DVD for under $15 (I picked mine up the day of release for $11.88).

The first song, and first single, from REVELATION is ‘Never Walk Away’ a melodic guitar rock song that sounds similar to the singles ‘Higher Place’ and ‘To Be Alive Again’ from the Augeri-led ARRIVAL. Those two single were a blend of classic Journey with a little more modern flourishes and ‘Never Walk Away’ follows the same formula with Pineda sounding like a stronger version of Augeri, who sounded like Perry… get the idea. Journey usually gets labelled as lite Rock, or a ballad band, so to start the album off with a guitar oriented song is a solid move. The band moves into familiar territory with ‘Like A Sunshower’ which sounds a lot like the classic hit ‘Lights’. It’s a piano based song with a subdued guitar and big backing vocals but it’s really a spotlight performance for Arnel because it’s really his voice that drives the song. If this were the old days, ‘Like A Sunshower’ would easily be Top Ten!

‘Change For The Better’ is a song that could have easily been the lead single with it’s melodic guitar and pure hook of a chorus. There’s a little of everything here: Schon’s melodic power chords, Jon Cain’s keyboards enhancing the sound, and Deen Castronovo’s drums breaking though and providing serious beat. Arnel’s vocals are soaring and powerful hitting all the highs and providing a youthful energy to the track. The momentum stays high with another uptempo Rock song in ‘Wildest Dreams’, another Schon & Castronovo showcase with great guitars and pounding skins. The end of the song has some impressive solos from Neal Schon, that force you to remember that this guy can flat out play and he is one of the best there is, and some cool piano fills from Jonathan Cain as sort of an answer to the guitar. It almost has a jam session feel at the end.

‘Faith In The Heartland’ is a re-make of the lead song off GENERATIONS (2005). It’s a very melodic song that’s a bit softer but not a ballad or mid-tempo number, it’s like quiet AOR if there’s such a thing. I wonder if the guys were short on material or they just weren’t that impressed with the GENERATIONS performance of former lead singer Steve Augeri. I’ve compared both versions and I’d say that Arnel sounds like Augeri only just a bit stronger. Maybe that has to do with the excellent harmonies at the chorus provided by Jon Cain and especially Deen Castronovo. ‘After All These Years’ is the second ballad on the album and it’s another piano based song with very subtle guitar lines and some powerful drum fills. This is another showcase for Mr. Pineda to show off his vocal ability and prove that he can handle Journey’s different styles, a great performance!. I like ‘Where Did I Lose Your Love’ and I would slot it with ‘Faith In The Heartland’ as a softer Rock song but not a ballad. The song starts with a keyboard/drum intro and picks up a clean Schon riff to complement Arnel’s best Steve Perry interpretation on the record. This sounds like FRONTIERS and RAISED ON RADIO era Journey with the prominent keyboard/piano during the chorus and some grand backing harmonies. It’s a big sounding song with some serious highs being reached by Arnel and a great ending guitar solo moving back into the the beginning of the song with the keyboard/drum showcase to finish it off.

The third ballad on REVELATION is ‘What I Needed’ and, even though it’s a solid ballad with the trademark Journey sound, I’m not getting into it. I think the song is a victim of where it’s slotted in the track order because ‘After All These Years’ was two songs previous. Things pick up again with ‘What It Takes To Win’ and it’s another solid rocker in the same style of ‘Where Did I Lose Your Love’ but Arnel has more muscle in his delivery giving him a different edge than the previous songs. ‘Turn Down The World Tonight’ is the fourth ballad on REVELATION and it is a very good piano based song with an underlying electric guitar and subtle bass work from Ross Valory who, by the way, plays perfectly within each song with Deen Castronovo to complete a solid rhythm section. The thing about Ross is the man isn’t flashy in his playing but he is consistent and steady and he builds a solid bass foundation with Deen’s drumming. Last song of the album is an instrumental titled ‘The Journey (Revelation)’ and it’s basically a piece for each member to stretch their wings a bit and let loose. There are some interesting exotic sounds in this one but, for me, I use the <skip> button.

The second disc is a bonus collection of the band’s biggest hits re-recorded by the band with Arnel on vocals. There really isn’t much difference between the originals and these re-makes except for the obvious vocals and a few little insturmental bits here and there. Basically this is Arnel’s showcase to show to the fans and critics that he can handle the big hits without fail. He does a very good Steve Perry and performs extremely well. I really enjoyed his performance on ‘Stone In Love’, my favorite Journey song of all-time.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD yet but when I do I will update this review but it’s another cool addition to the package from the band to give the ultimate value for everyone’s hard earned dollars.

Bottom Line:
I will go on record to say that Journey have successfully released on of the best Rock albums of 2008, don’t be surprised if you see REVELATION make the Top 10 in my year end list. Every song is well performed, each member or the band an expert at his instrument and everyone contributing to the great harmonies on the backing tracks. The songs all fit the AOR/Melodic Rock standard of great harmonies, beautiful melodies, rockin’ guitar, and soaring vocals. The spotlight is firmly set on Arnel Pineda to see if he can deliver and he does! There is always going to be controversy among Journey fans as to who is the better man at the mic and I’m sure Perry purists will point out that Pineda isn’t as powerful as Perry was in his prime. That’s fine, my ears tell me that Arnel has a very similar sounding voice but he does a great job on both discs to give all the songs his own unique trademark. The album has a superb production job by Kevin Shirley proving again that he is one of the best in the business. For a band that was rumored to be focusing on “playing the hits”, Journey has defied the rumors and created one hell of an album!

Favorite original songs: ‘Never Walk Away’, ‘Like A Sunshower’, ‘Change For The Better’, ‘Wildest Dream’, & ‘Where Did I Lose Your Love’

Favorite re-made originals: ‘Stone In Love’, ‘Only The Young’, ‘Lights’, ‘Separate Ways’

59 comments on “Journey – Revelation (2008)

  1. I have been hearing mainly good things about this one, but I have been hesitant to buy it. Generations was very poor as they just sounded like they tired and rehashing old material. Arnel sounds good on the couple of live clips I saw, but he is so Steve Perry that makes me fear that the new album isn’t going to be anything but a remake of past glory.

  2. Enjoyed the CD and DVD by Journey its a great deal for less than $12.00 I went ahead and bought an extra one for my dad for fathers day He is a die hard Steve Perry fan . I’m sure he will enjoys Perry’s resurrection by way of
    the talented Arnel Pineda this is a great way to honor Steve Perry who has move on to retirement …

  3. Sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it, I don’t like the idea of someone else singing the songs that Steve Perry originally did. I remain a “Journey with Steve Perry as lead singer fan”. But mostly a Steve Perry as solo fan.

  4. How do you put out a Journey album w/o Steve Perry?? Come on now. That’s like putting out a Zepp album w/o Page or Plant.

    • So true! I would never listen to Zepp without Plant ,and Steve will always be the best frontman and singer Journeys has ever had! If it were not for the brillance and god giving talant of Mr Perry the voice! JOURNEY WOULD HAVE BEEN GONE A LONG,LONG, TIME AGO! PERRY SAVED THEIR ASS.! ARNEL CANT EVEN SING THE GREAT SONG MOTHER FATHER. H e does not have the power,emotion,or the chemistry steve had with journey or ever will. If Arnel were white and not Asian journey would be fucked. The Asians are making journey the hit they are. Funny though how they just play Sp with Journey on the radio and not Arnel with his new songs!!! Perry hurry back with you new cd we miss you baby!!!

  5. Folks,

    If you’re a Journey fan you will LOVE the album. First off, it’s a bargain even with the “hijacking” shipping costs by standard mail. Excellent writing on “Never Walk Away”. Great use and mix of chords and relatvie major scales. It’s a blast to work out on the guitar, especially if you’re a rythm guitar player.

    Granted, it always seems that Journey attempts to get a lead singer that is a Perry ringer. Pineda definitely is. I think the chemistry and mix works for the group, quite well. Having seen Ageri in action I look forward to seeing Pineda in action as well.

    Anyone who thinks Steve Perry (Big Fan BTW of Perry) is probably as closed minded as anyone who thinks Van Halen ceased to be come Van Halen when Roth was fired.

    It’s a great album and a great value. If you’re a Journey fan, it’s a must have.


    • Are you out of your mind! or stoned!TBF showed his soulful,sultry, side and the beauty along with the emotion he put into each breathtaking song on that album. Go back and listen to when you love a woman,missing you Its just The rain and then go get a hearing test!!! Song was up for a grammy!!!

  6. i’ve seen many steve perry videos witj journey and most of them are
    really not so good but as a solo artist perry is better (check foolish heart)
    i think if this guy arnel pineda singing with journey started is long overdue.
    they sound so cohesive and more energetic. i’ve only seen the vegas oncert dvd at a friend’s house and i’m basically impressed.
    looking forward to their subsequent albums with new material.

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh,,,,,
    What can I say?, The new lead singers Vocals are great, and the songs solid. But STone IN Love?, Sorry Steve P, All the way… Opp’s Sorry off topic. Look Arnel P., has powerful Vocals and solid in his songs and the Band show cased him very well. I bought the new Cd, Hopped in My Car and started to Drive and compaing him to Steve A., On, Faith in the heartland. Arnel P, Is more Powerful and all that But why not use all new material?. Again, Showing the new lead singer is the same/or better or a Steve P, Ok., I get it You guys (the Band), are back Like the Steve P Days. Youthful Days more energetitic, I hear that…Bye the way how OLd are the Other No offence Attended. Meatloaf is How OLD and THe women IN his Concerts Journey Comes to LONDON, ONT John LAbatt Centre I’llgo……… One Question For the Journey BAnd what Time 7:00pm or FiliPIno time 2 or 3hrs later.LOL. Arnel P. No Offence< my Wife Is Filipino and Any party or get together U tell them & 6pm thats about 8-9pm so…… Say 5pm well show up at 7 or 8pm lol. I sTill like Steve P. and If he releases another SOLO ALBUM, I buy it. Right Now Lets Support The new Guy because He has new things to offer the Fans. OH………Ya is it Possible to hear that High Octive/ Pitch more often in futre ALBums.

    OLD and New Journey FAn
    oh YA my Daughter LIKe it toooo……
    Take care hope to see you in concert

  8. I watched the DVD and I was so impressed with the band. All of them are excellent!!!! They are really good!!! it’s worth buying the CD.

  9. i love the DVD, i’ve seen it many times and still was so amazed with their new vocalist. His voice is so powerful and so energetic. I will see you soon here in LA.

  10. wait to get it cheaper?? maybe after the summer tour is over! on Ebay this week you can see 55 related items selling on average at $20 + shipping ($5). walmart is selling it for $11.88 only. so crazy….

  11. Revelation album is what Journey is supposed to sound! Best album released since Steve Perry left! What a bonus DVD – high quality sound.

    Arnel was hired in December 2007. Recorded 11 brand new tracks and re-recorded 11 classics. His Journey debut in Feb/08 live concert (15,000 people) in Vina Del Mar in Chile televised to over 25 million people where the “Monster” crowd rewarded them with not one (Silver Torch), not two (Golden Torch), but three awards (and the Silver Seagull)! The Silver Seagull is the best they can award.

    If you haven’t watched this concert, I suggest that you check the videos posted in the link below.

    Outstanding accomplishments in 6 months so far!!

  12. You’re talkin’ Top 10 quality? I definitely have to pick this one up then!

    I own Departure, Greatest Hits, and Arrival and that’s it. Outside of their hits, I haven’t been real impressed with them, but I’m willing to give them another shot.

  13. Revelation is great! Journey’s back on track and Arnel’s voice is astounding! Considering the fact that he was sick most of the times when he did his recording for the revelation album. Check out what his manager said when he did his recording @
    Thanks journey!

  14. the whole band sounds great. the new singer is really good. i like him. the production quality on the dvd and cd is also awesome! i want to say it again the sound of the band is awesome!

  15. Now, regarding the Revelation album…I LOVE the new songs, they have that sense of sophistication and maturity that you can really feel and hear when you listen to them closely!!! JRNY made the songs contemporary and relevant to the times…the lyrics and emotions evoke feelings and issues that are universal…thus, any generation can easily identify with the message of the songs!!! The sound mixing is spectacular and Pineda’s recording voice is sooo soothing to listen to even with the rockers, that you can not help but listen to the songs over and over again!!! This album is a masterpiece, the new songs have all the potential to become classics, someday!!! I particularly LIKE Turn Down The World Tonight, What it Takes to Win, What I Needed, and Where Did I Lose Your Love!!!

  16. Journey is indeed back. They love to please their fans by keeping their legacy sound. Amazing tracks on both cds , i am totally hooked. AP’s voice is truly unique , he is not SP, he is AP. Thanks you tube!

  17. Journey is BACK, with or without SP Journey is a great band and add to the new singer is AWSOME !!! he really rocks me (lol) he so good, I don’t understand why some people can’t accept that the new singer Arnel Pineda.

    Journey forever !!


  19. I am the BIGGEST Steve Perry ever and I have to say that Arnel Pineda absolutely floored me. The guy sings Journey’s ballds with the same emotion as Steve Perry and it’s scary and he sounds so much like him. I wish Steve perry would come back but I think in all honesty, he hasn’t got the voice he once had and I think he in his own mind wouldn’t live up to his own legacy. Everyone give Arnel the chance to make us Journey fans proud.

  20. It’s a shame some people can’t accept the fact that SP will no longer be a part of Journey. AP is the new front man, he may sound a bit of Perry but his not emulating him and IMO he sounds a lot different, powerful voice and with so much emotion. If somebody can’t buy this new cd because it’s not SP who sang it then don’t buy it but, just a reminder SP didn’t own these songs, be a solo fan of SP if you want and let others be a fan of JOURNEY! They’re back…….. with more great songs


  21. This band is technically a team who depends on each other’s skill , great or little ( but i definitely see each has a great skill on each of their field). The Bulls won’t get the championship rings with just the heroic acts of Jordan alone- he needs his teammates. Journey’s success is attributed to everyone’s effort. For that, Kudos to all members – even to those on the backend.

    Everyone will be required to retire at some point, even his excellence M. Jordan – and so as Steve Perry. Even Superman deserves this magestic rest & privacy. AP will also have his turn in time only right now, he is there to fill the role to provide SP the rest & privacy he needs ( after all those tiring years he provided the fans the musical satisfaction they craved ) . So let us respect and give SP the rest he needs after all those years ( he is not immortal as Duncan Macleod and nobody is but his memories won’t be forgotten) and give AP a break.

    The Bulls were not able to find a successor to Jordan’s role & very few band has this opportunity to physically last even with successors . So as they say , let us enjoy it while Journey lasts not just because of SP & AP but because of Journey and the music they have … the combinations of material that our heart & soul speaks & understands.

    SP & AP fan

  22. Have to say, never heard of Journey before & their apparently huge success back in the days but men the “Revelation” cd just rocks! I’ve got vast tastes in music, from RNB to my most edgy sound pref. alternative rock. This to me just fits the bill of my most favorite sound (not too metallish but not too lame either) and can’t wait to see what else they’ve got to offer.

    I’m checking them out first time in their upcoming US tour.

  23. Five Journey-fan relatives in San Francisco, CA called me up in Phoenix, AZ at noon, June 3rd, when Journey Revelation album was 1st got exclusively released at Wal-Mart locations. They said they are in crisis. All the albums on all Wal-Mart locations in SF were all sold out. They went as far as Oakland to look for the album, but were all sold out, too. I bought 6 albums, shipped the 5 copies to my relatives, and kept 1 for myself, i.e., I owned the album by accident.

    I watched the DVD… and my GOD! what a serendipitous find!

    Sky Light: Neal’s intro magnetized my attention and forced my concentrated focus when it progressed to a crescendo of the band members’ harmonizing musical (drums, keyboard, bass, lead, vocals) energy to produce that soothing pumped-up SOUND! man! the blended Arnel-Ross-Deen-Jon-Neal HARMONY gave me goose bumps! stirred and shaken! wooo-hoo!

    Open Arms Prelude: Jon, it seemed that you summoned all the greatest pianists, dead and alive, to get in you, because I felt them while you played the prelude.

    Mother Father: Deen, wow!

    All the DVD songs: Neal, Ross, Jon, Deen, Arnel! what a heavenly blend!
    DVD alone is a masterpiece.

  24. Here is something I don’t get: a lot of Steve Perry era fans do not want to get the new album because they think Arnel shouldn’t be singing the classic Perry tunes (see the 4th comment by Cenith). Why can’t a new singer sing the old stuff? Did AC/DC fans have this problem when Brian Johnson sang Bon Scott tunes in ’80? Is there an outcry because Bruce Dickinson sings ‘Iron Maiden’ instead of Paul D’ianno?

    It’s about the music, about the songs, not the person. Granted, the most recognizable singer should sing the songs but Perry doesn’t want to do it anymore.

    It drives me insane…

  25. very good album, caught me surprise, honestly, and lookit the mass of Journey fans out there, commenting on people’s blogs like madfire! that’s what I call a support group

  26. I’m so addicted listening to all the songs in the new Journey Revelation cd. Arnel’s voice is AMAZING!!!! He definitely has the voice that you would want to keep listening to again and again. My husband and my two girls like the cd too. Neil, THANK YOU SO MUCH For finding Arnel. You made an excellent decision to choose him. I highly recommend this CD to everyone. You will not be DISSAPOINTED!

  27. F**k Steve Perry and his Fans! They still cling to his bulge in his pants and can’t get over a new frontman that sings the oldie hits, scared a new voice has come around! All the SP fans wait for their precious voice to return with a new album, keep waiting because he BS about how he has new material everytime he gets interviewed if you think he’ll return to Journey, sorry to burst your bubble he says that he has no plans to do so, aw poor SP fans.

    Journey is Journey even without Steve “FAIRY”!

  28. Man, it’s like the Sammy/Dave thing w/Van Halen except Journey was Journey BEFORE Steve Perry joined the band. They’re still JOURNEY without him, doing what musicians want to do, play music for a living. Granted, the biggest hits they had were with Perry singing, but this new guy Arnel is GREAT and does the Journey name proud. Just the story on how they found him and where he came from is surreal. You can see the whole band is excited to have that “sound” back again on their live DVD, but with a fresh new outlook – it’s awesome, as are the tunes, both old and new. I’ll be catchin’ them with Cheap Trick and Heart at the end of the month. Rock on.

  29. Let the new Journey continue to make their living. Enjoy the music , Revelation is one to inspire. AP is not SP. Totally new and rockin!! Let SP rest.

  30. revelation album is something different from other albums journey has released post steve perry era..the 11 re-recorded music from the 70’s and 80’s in some point has a touch of perry nostalgic sound and
    feel approach to the music because these songs have been the signature of journey with steve perry. arnel pineda singing these songs just simply
    giving respect and validation that he can sing it well enough to continue what journey has left from the late 80’s. ( i would not go on the legal aspects of it…statutory laws etc..etc.)

    regarding these 11 new songs.. journey is introducing a new approach to thier music materials, clearly upon hearing arnel’s very own materials with journey you can tell the difference with the vibrato and tenor from steve perry. journey is making a new identity for themselves and they know that this will be a slow process but thier goal is to finaly erased the
    identity of thier 70’s and 80’s music with steve. some of the new generation of listeners are not even familiar about journey’s (with steve) legacies and the actual (real time) accomplishments they got in thier 70’s and 80’s. so these new materials is a start of another focus to identify themselves for a more up dated listeners and with a new sound and a
    new singer. arnel came up very strong and showed his personal talent
    range and skills singing thier new materials. he sounded different from perry and i recognized thier goal” i say it’s a good start!

  31. by the way….think about this..journey seek for arnel’s voice, then he came here from the philippines (never been to any part of u.s. or has been exposed to american or european audiences) never graduated in any
    formal english or music education. upon arrival in early october of last year journey with arnel has done numerous concerts with fans asking for more, released an album with a total of 22 songs and a concert dvd from las vegas. hit the billboard charts and other entertaiment reviews high on thier list. scheduled a world and domestic tour a total of 96 concerts!
    TO JOIN JOURNEY. i know there will be skeptics but you can’t discount the fact that he is an extraordinary singer to make all these happen in just a couple of months (9 months to be exact)..all i can say to arnel is whoa!
    he is the real deal! it’s good that journey find one of the most humble and
    versatile personality in the rock era. he is the biggest small guy on stage,
    journey likes him and we like him more!

  32. I just bought the Journey Revelation Album and I love all the new songs and AP’s rendition of the classics. My friends and I will be seeing them on their upcoming tour to the Bay Area.

  33. I believe that Arnel Pineda has already arrived!! Dude – they’re filling up stadium after stadium – all sold out so far!! C’mon – how much more proof do you need to see if the new guy’s kickin’ ass?

    And he’s getting even better and better as the concerts progresses . . . AP is just f’in amazing in my book. I love SP and will always do but somehow AP has given me something new to look forward to when it comes to Journey.

  34. I have always loved the band journey I am a musician through and through,I play 7 instruments compose, write and play all instruments on my songs and I love to sing journey tunes, supertramp songs and many others artist. I am a high tenor and I wanted to say to all those people who say how can you do a journey album without steve perry?

    Easy!! can Steve Perry do a Journey album??? Without disapointing his fans who are stuck in a time when they remember Steve perrys Performance Like it was yesterday. When he was young and vibrant?? People the times have changed and lets get real steve perry is not 20yrs old. You may remember him that way but that is no loger a reality.

    Steve has to be one of the best vocal singers I’ve heard in along time. The writing and cohiesive band efforts are what makes a band what they are. Melody, chord arrangements, and good catchy hook lines and the presentation to deliver. That was journey!!! period. Steve Perry never told the band to lay down and die when he decided to quit, Steve Perry left the group for a number of personal reasons.

    And I know right now, if I were to call up Steve Perry knowing the kind of person he is, he would tell you honestly that at the age of 60 that he could not sing what he did over 30yrs ago today and do it like he did before he knows that !! Man does anybody out there have an Idea how hard that man worked his vocals ?? concert after concert for how many years???

    Not to mention this man paying his dues in bars long before he made it and then kick it for the next 20yrs after that!! People!! even the king of the jungle must lay down his crown and walk away for the next generation.
    Mohamed Ali did, wayne gretsky did , all the greats sooner or later have to face the inevetable!! your time has come. I to am a vocal teacher I know what Steve perry and Steve augueri have done to thier vocals, it dosen’t take a genious to figure that one song, one wrong push of the vocal cords and you could tear or permanatley damage your vocal cords for Life.

    Not only that but age can also play a factor in your ability to sing strange viruses that can permanately or alter your vocals. I personaly welcome the new singers to pick up the Steve perry torch and Carry on that great sound!! that voice we so long to hear. Those melodies of great giant of a man and muscian Mr. steve perry will never be forgotten or ever go unoticed who the original creator was of those infamous love songs that made us reflect on ourselves and our loved ones.

    For those new singers will someday pass on that respectable talent to other great singers who have the ability to do those songs. And as for the band they to will grow old and be silenced and to there legacy other musicians will take up after them and continue……………..THE JOURNEY!!!

  35. People are amazingly shallow about music. There is so much work to knit a group together, no matter who they are, you can’t even comprehend. Bands are not machines. They are a team, as noted above. People change, gear changes, times change. I’m glad there are so many passionate fans of the old tunes (I love them too), but as people and artists, EVERYONE needs to grow and change. And this doesn’t come easy. How much have YOU grown and changed in 25 years? For a lot of you, I’m guessing not very much.

  36. And yes…Steve Perry was great in his day, as is Arnel. As is Dean C, who doesn’t get anywhere near enough props for his amazing talents. Ross is a solid solid player as always, Jonathan does a great job of glueing things together with KBs, GTRs, & vocals, Neal is always a first-rate, world-class guitarist. It’s more than the sum of the parts. If you remove any of these, it wouldn’t be the same. It’s chemistry.

    Also, a lot of people seem to have forgotten the parade of drummers? About Gregg Rollie? That Randy Jackson from American Idol was the bass player for a couple years? Aynsley Dunbar on drums? Steve Smith (also amazing)…

    A band is like being married to 4 people at the same time…

  37. i just watch journey’s conert last sept 24, the sold out venue of 15ks were on thier feet from the begining of thier song till their encore. it was amazing how this 40 yr old singer ap dos his thing on stage. he is like a perpetual motion..jumping, spinning, running while singing in high voice and not missing any note or cue. the crowd loved every minute of it and some songs the whole crowd were singing with him.

    it was just so much fun seeing and hearing journey comes alive with this new guy singing with them. we couldn’t get enough that night!

  38. journey with arnel awesome…sorry for all the ediotic critics to arnel… steve p. is out and arnel is in…lol …acceptance is needed to enjoy the new journey…

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