New Release Tuesday – 6/17/2008: Judas Priest – Nostradamus released today!

Before the CD Scavenger Hunt there was New Release Tuesday. I changed the name a while ago but I always head to the record stores Tuesday mornings for the sale prices on the new releases. So here we are again, another Tuesday and another great album…..

Judas Priest – Nostradamus (2008) limited edition book – $35: A must have purchase! If there has been any one album hyped more aside from the new Whitesnake & the new Journey it’s this brand new concept album by the masters of Heavy Metal…..Judas Priest. NOSTRADAMUS has been streaming online for a good month now but I’m old school and I wanted to hear the album when I bought it. I had my choice of the regular 2 CD edition in the jewel case for $16 or pay double for the limited edition book. Is that even a choice? I’m a sucker for special packaging and limited editions so I spent the extra money. I hate to admit it but if the record store had the vinyl box set too, I would have dropped the credit card down for that one. Just a quick review…..this album is kicking my ass! I will have a proper review soon, I have to give this special attention and listening time but it’s a great album. I bought this at my local Newbury Comics record store and I received a free glass with the Nostradamus artwork on it. You can check that out at Newbury Comics.


5 comments on “New Release Tuesday – 6/17/2008: Judas Priest – Nostradamus released today!

  1. I left for work early so I could pick this one up. I’ve skimmed through Disc 1, not bad but nothing jumped out at me, but I’ve listened to Disc 2 all the way through and I’m diggin’ it (especially “Exiled” and “Alone”).

    There’s so much to take in though, I definitely need to give this multiple spins before going on the record about it.

  2. I already paid for the limited edition box with 3 lps, 2 cds, a book etc…but didnt arrived yet. Hope to get it soon. JUDAS PRIEST FOREVER.

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