Black Rain – Innocent Rosie E.P. (2008)

Black Rain – Innocent Rosie E.P. (2008, Thundering Records)

  1. Innocent Rosie
  2. Rock Your City
  3. Nasty

Band Lineup:
Swan – Vocals & Guitars
Max 2 – Guitars
Heinrich – Bass
Iann Lewis – Drums

Total Time = 12:37

Black Rain MySpace page
Thundering Records 

If you take a look at the band picture on the back of this E.P. it’s quite obvious that Black Rain plays sleazy, glam Hard Rock. This new French band has the look but do they have the sound to compete with the new wave of Glam bands mostly coming from Sweden? The answer is yes!

INNOCENT ROSIE is a teaser E.P. of three songs that will be found on their forthcoming album, LICENSE TO THRILL. The three songs are fast paced Hard Rock songs that remind me of newer Glam bands Wig Wam and Crashdiet with a major dose of Hanoi Rocks and Guns ‘N Roses. The music is there, the band is tight but the most glaring aspect of the band is lead singer Swan’s vocals. Talk about high pitch! Swan hits all the high notes channelling a Vinnie Vincent-era Mark Slaughter especially during ‘Innocent Rosie’ and the chorus of ‘Rock Your City’.

‘Innocent Rosie’ has the OTT vocals but it starts out with a cool guitar/drum intro that blends into a nice groove. For some reason, I hear a little Kix in there as well. Of all the songs, I like ‘Rock Your City’ the best. It has the best hook and some trace elements of GNR with some serious fret work and big gang vocals. ‘Nasty’ has a little more dangerous edge to it, a little more grit to the guitars and harder drum sound.

Bottom Line:
I’ll be honest, the current crop of new glam bands has left me a little cold to the whole revival because a lot of them just sound the same. Black Rain isn’t reinventing the Glam wheel so to speak but what they do they do well. The musicianship is there and Swan’s vocals are definitely a trademark that separates the band from the other bands on the scene. I want to hear the new album, three songs is hard to judge a band with. I’d like to see if Balck Rain does some different things in the mid-tempo/ballad range. They can obviously play the Hard Rock stuff well but how do they do slowed down? I would like to see how Swan’s high delivery translates to a ballad. It sounds like Black Rain has a good future in front of them in a crowded scene, let’s get the full-length out and hear what else they can do.

Favorite songs: I like all three but ‘Rock Your City’ is the best.

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