Iron Maiden Mixtape

The Iron Maiden show was Friday night and I didn’t calm down until late Saturday. I had some work to do Saturday morning so I put the headphones on and played some various Maiden tracks:

’22 Acacia Avenue’ (1982) – One of the best songs off THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST and a great live tune off LIVE AFTER DEATH. If they had played this the other night at the concert I would have gone mental! Wait…..I did go mental!

‘Flash Of The Blade’ (1984) – POWERSLAVE is in a tie right now for my favorite Maiden album of all time and this song is one that I can’t hear enough of.

‘Blood Brothers’ & ‘Brave New World’ (2000) – BRAVE NEW WORLD was an awesome reunion album and I saw the show twice that tour. I always thought that these two songs came off the best live.

‘The Clansman’ (1998) – Epic song from the Blaze Bayley led VIRTUAL XI. I really dug it when it came out but I thought it sounded better when Bruce sang it live when I caught the Ed Hunter Tour in Boston in ’99. Probably one of the best epics of Maiden’s career.

‘Die With Your Boots On’ (1983) – Had to have one off PIECE OF MIND (tied with POWERSLAVE for my fave Maiden platter) and I always look for the band to play this in concert. Last time I heard this live was when the band came to the Worcester Centrum with Dio and Motorhead on July 21, 2003.

‘Fear Of The Dark’ (1993) – Everytime I hear this song, I get chills. The band played it the other night at the show and I was lucky to have Bruce on the riser right in front of me bellowing it out. Probably in my Top 5 Maiden songs of all time.

‘Sanctuary’ (1980) – Probably my favorite Paul D’ianno track with the band, it just sounds dangerous.


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