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A lot has been going on in my life this weekend so the posting was put on hold for a couple of days. I changed shifts at work for this week so my assistant can have a deserved vacation week, I am returning to my natural overnight shift (12am-8am) for one whole week. For ten years I worked the overnight shift and, almost two years ago now, the powers that be changed it to 6pm-2am. That means I have a little more time to listen to music this week! Here’s what’s been spinning the last couple of days:

Judas Priest – Nostradamus (2008): Anytime the Priest returns with a new album, it’s a reason for me to celebrate. I’ve been a devout worshipper at the altar of Judas Priest since 1982 so I knew I would like the new record. The problem with NOSTRADAMUS isn’t the material, it’s the time. The album clocks in at over an hour and forty minutes! That’s serious listening. So far I like the record but I definitely need more time with it…..a lot more time…..

Moonspell –  Night Eternal (2008): I have had an advance of this album for a few weeks now and I am still listening to it. I haven’t really kept up with Moonspell in the last few years but NIGHT ETERNAL has me checking my Moonspell catalogue so I can fill a few holes. A review is coming…..

Headhunter – Parasite Of Society (2008): Destruction mainman Schmier has had Headhunter going since he left Destruction in 1990 and this is their fourth, and latest, album. It’s not Thrash like Destruction, more like Power Metal, and the vocals are a little hard to take. Review is coming…..

Heidevolk – Walhalla Wacht (2008): I’ve been getting into a lot of Pagan Metal/Viking Metal lately and Napalm Records has been very good to me by sending me some of the latest releases (Tyr, Hollenthon, Heidevolk, etc). The music is superb here, very grand sounding, but the lyrics are all in Dutch. That’s just a small complaint as I’ve just enjoyed listening to the music, it’s not always about the words. Review coming also…..

Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark (1993): I love this album! I remember back at the end of my high school years my friends and I were disappointed with 1990’s NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING. Maybe it was because SEVENTH SON was so good? When FEAR OF THE DARK came out in ’93, I waited in line for it at a local record store and got a free poster for my trouble! The title track is so good and ‘From Here To Eternity’ is just classic Maiden. A solid album that everyone forgets.

Iron Maiden – The X-Factor (1995) & Virtual XI (1998): The Blaze Bayley era! There were some good moments in the post-Bruce Maiden like ‘The Clansman’, ‘Man On The Edge’, ‘Sign Of The Cross’, ‘Futureal’…..those were the singles. I decided after the Maiden show Friday night that I had to revisit the Blaze era to give it a fresh listen. Hard to believe these albums were released 13 and 10 years ago respectively.

Krokus – Rock The Block (2003): Marc Storace returns to the band after an 8 year absence and Fernando Von Arb is still pumping out boogie riffs this side of AC/DC’s Angus Young. This “reunion” is basically the Storace/Von Arb show but it was the best Krokus album since HEART ATTACK (1988). This would be one of my Top 10 of 2003.

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon (2007): What was one of my Top 15 Albums of 2007 (#13) has now become an afterthought. I’ve barely listened to it since the new year and I didn’t even bother to review it. I’m preparing a post on albums I missed in 2007 that I’ve finally bought and I decided to revisit this record.

Kamelot – Ghost Opera (2007): Kamelot is one of my favorite bands and I have been listening to this album once a week since it came out. I decided to really give it a fresh round of spins so I can review it. Another album that made my Top 15 Albums of 2007 (#10), I would rate it higher today.

Journey – Revelation (2008): I really like this record and I’ve been giving this a lot of time on the stereo…..just the new songs mostly.

2 comments on “Current Playlist

  1. Great play list. Love FEAR OF THE DARK(1992). I remember buying it in London when i was their on holiday with my parents. I even spend some nights at the MARQUEE club and saw some concerts.
    About BLAZE BAYLEY, i liked him with WOLFSBANE and i was surprised to see him like the new IRON MAIDEN singer. He doesnt have a good voice for that band. Still, some songs on those two albums are good. Still i think that BAYLEY made some killer solo albums after IRON MAIDEN, far better then those two albums with IM and everything he did with WOLFSBANE.
    KROKUS is one of my all time fave bands and its nice to see you like ROCK THE BLOCK so much. HELLRAISER is also killer.
    I am still waiting for the new JUDAS PRIEST to arrive home. I ordered the limited edition 3 vinyls, 2 cds, book etc….I hope to get it soon.
    Also i like that ICED EARTH album. Right now i am playing THE GLORIOUS BURDEN by them and love it too. I hated RIPPER OWENS with JUDAS but loved him with ICED EARTH.
    Okay, some of the cds/lps i have been playing a couple of times each, for the last days are:
    ANGEL WITCH:ANGEL WITCH debut lp 1980. A classic NWOBHM of course.
    X-RAY:SHOUT 1984. Japanish metal like ANTHEM, LOUDNESS, 44 MAGNUM etc….
    Hail to you steve and to your family.

  2. Rene —

    Blaze had some killer albums after his stint with Maiden, SILICON MESSIAH is excellent…..

    Krokus is one of my fave bands too. I remember going to a record store called Midland Music back around ’85 and they had all this vinyl in a cut-out bin. I grabbed every Krokus album from METAL RENDEVOUS to THE BLITZ for something like $4 each because of the small cut-out in the spine……

    I like the new Judas Priest but it’s a long complex listen. I did like Owens work on JUGULATOR but DEMOLITION was poor. I don’t like THE GLORIUS BURDEN at all and I didn’t get into FRAMING ARMAGEDDON when it came out, I’m giving it fresh time though…..

    That Angel Witch album is pure genius!

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