Current playlist – 6/30/08

It’s nice having my wife home on vacation from work… she decided to take the kids to the lake for the day to give me a break. I’m the stay-at-home Dad during the day and then I work at night, my quiet time is in the dark hours of the late night/early morning when everyone is sleeping.

So what do you do when the wife and kids leave for the day and all you have is the dog? You listen to as much music as possible!

Judas Priest – Nostradamus (2008): There is so much debate on this album but I can’t stop listening to it, there is just so much to take in at once. Overall, I like it.

Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles (2008): Playing this non-stop since Tuesday and I like it but there are a few songs that are filler…..then again, every Motley Crue album has some filler!

Night Ranger – Hole In The Sun (2008): Finally getting a release Tuesday (July 1) but it’s been out for about a year in Europe and Japan. It’s a more modern flavored AOR affair but there are still a lot of the trademark Night Ranger sound.

Infernophonic – Spark It Up (2007): Solid female fronted Hard Rock with a lot of guitars. I’ve been enjoying this all week so thanks to the band for sending it in, a review to come soon.

The Doors – Morrison Hotel (1970): I like me some Classic Rock and I have been a big Doors guy since I was a kid. How could you not turn on the local Rock station and not hear The Doors back in the early ’80s? This is my favorite Doors record, favorites here are ‘Blue Sunday’, ‘Ship Of Fools’, ‘Land Ho!’, ‘The Spy, ‘Indian Summer’. I used to sing ‘Indian Summer’ to my oldest daughter when she was a newborn.

The Doors – Waiting For The Sun (1968): Keeping with the Doors kick, I pulled this album out just to hear ‘Spanish Caravan’, ‘Yes, The River Knows’ and ‘Five To One’ but I listened to the whole thing. I love the riff in ‘Five To One’, you know the one Ace Frehley borrowed for ‘She’?

Krokus – Metal Rendezvous (1980): I have been on a huge Krokus kick the last couple of weeks. Many people think this is the debut but it’s actually the band’s 4th record, it is the debut of Marc Storace on lead vocals though. ‘Bedside Radio’, ‘Tokyo Nights’, & ‘Heatstrokes’ were big time players on the old boombox back in the day!

Armed Forces – Let There Be Metal (1984): I was looking through some old Metal Forces magazines from back in the day (I collect those too!) and the ad for this Brooklyn, New York Metal band stared me right in the face! I remembered this from my record store experiences as a kid but I have never heard it. Thanks to the good people at Vibrations Of Doom who were kind enough to post the E.P. up for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Armed Force – Heavy Artillery (1986): Well…..after a demo, Armed Forces split and became Armed Force. Original band name, huh? Lineup change at singer and drummer from the Armed Forces days and the sound is more Hard Rock than the E.P. Thanks again to Vibrations Of Doom who have this album up also for everyone’s listening pleasure.

8 comments on “Current playlist – 6/30/08

  1. I’m totally addicted to Saints Of Los Angeles. The only song being a filler for me is White Trash Circus. Less fillers than on every other MC album. Mick Mars is playing his soul out. Behind Sparkle Loung by Def Leppard this is my 2nd favorite album from a lot of great 2008 releases.

  2. I still have to buy the new MOTLEY CRUE album but have the new JUDAS PRIEST limited box with 3 lps, 2 cds, book and poster.
    I have HEAVY ARTILLERY by ARMED FORCE and also that LET THEIR BE METAL, both on vinyl. Great US METAL.
    Have a great summer Steve you and your family. You deserve it because you are greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  3. I can’t stop listening to SOLA either. I agree with Delirious Nomad that “White Trash Circus” is the only filler track, and even that’s not too bad. This is such a solid album all around, I’m keep listening to it all the way through over and over again. Though I do give extra play to “MF of the Year” (they’re playing it in concert!!! And I’ll be seeing them in 10 days!), “The Animal in Me” and “This Ain’t A Love Song”.

    Once SOLA came out, I kinda pushed Nostradamus to the side. I’m in the mood for good time summer rock & roll and SOLA is providing that perfectly. I plan on going back to Nostradamus once I get tired of SOLA though. Nostradamus seems like a perfect album to listen to during the cooler/cold months.

  4. wow!!! armed forces…..Ive been trying to win this EP on EBAY…I have it on a cassette tape….but I really want the vinyl LP or CD but i keep losing the auctions. I always liked that Nightrider track….based on the character from Mad max cant go wrong!!! Its amazing how much metal vocals have changed over the years. At that time period the high pitched falsetto was the norm…now cookie monster growling is the norm. Im very nostalgic for those early 80’s metal years. Helsar, Jag Panzer( the fucking tyrant ruled!!!!) Virgin Steele, and so many others….

  5. THANK YOU FOR posting armed forces-let there be metal ep/and the fulll length album- armed force-heavy artillery. Great 80s metal here! Both albums rock! Bang the head that doesnt bang! joe thanks to vibrations of doom, as well.

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