Dragonforce – Ultra Beatdown (2008) new album artwork, tracklisting and release dates

UPDATE 12/16/08: DragonForce – Ultra Beatdown (2008) album review posted


From the official Dragonforce website:


Attention heavy metal warriors and guitar heroes across the land. DragonForce are pleased to announce Ultra Beatdown as the title of their forthcoming new album for Roadrunner Records, due in stores on August 25.

Ultra Beatdown is an epic, sweeping, grand collection of infectious guitar anthems that’ll inspire all who listen to either pump their fists in the air or pick up a guitar, whether it be real or virtual. DragonForce‘s single from 2006’s Inhuman Rampage, “Through The Fire and Flames,” exploded on the public beyond the metal world thanks to its appearance on the massively popular guitar simulator game. The single has been RIAA certified Gold in the U.S.

The track listing for Ultra Beatdown is as follows:

1. Heroes of Our Time
2. The Fire Still Burns
3. Reasons to Live
4. Heartbreak Armageddon
5. The Last Journey Home
6. A Flame for Freedom
7. Inside the Winter Storm
8. The Warrior Inside

23 comments on “Dragonforce – Ultra Beatdown (2008) new album artwork, tracklisting and release dates

  1. OMG!! cant wait guna be some ultra beat down :) ive heard heroes of are time on youtube and its epic as hell its so cool :D

  2. Good to hear that Dragonwariors are back with their new album…. Im pretty sure,they’re sonically going to seduce power metal fans once again!!

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  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait. sooooooooo excited! can’t believe i have to wait till the end of august… gah!!!!!

  5. hey ralixy u dont i already download it it rules is the best albun of dragonforce i ever heard specialy reasons to live

  6. The album’s been leaked. I’m listening to it now. It’s frickin’ amazing! Not as good as Sonic Firestorm IMHO, but great anyway. Much better than the shambles that was Inhuman Rampage.

  7. I haven’t heard it yet and I don’t plan to until I buy it, I’m not into downloading.

    I have to admit that I’m not a big Dragonforce fan. I just got into the band recently due to all the hype, I decided it was time to check them out. Turns out I’ve had VALLEY OF THE DAMNED in my collection for a long time and I never got around to listening to it, I just filed it away. So far I like what I hear.

  8. omg, omg, omg i like totaly cant wait for this album to drop. I jus wanna know wtf is on the album cover, i like totaly cant figure out wut it is. i’m like a total noob…. lol rofl lmao

  9. I am listening to the whole album on there website, and it is amazing. I cant believe how awesome it is. Another epic album!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  10. Okay…not sure what all the hype is about…been listening to tracks from all 4 of their CDs and I can honestly say I’m completely unimpressed. I’m a big fan of metal too. The nearest I can compare them to is Dream Theater on Cocain and sped up an hundredfold. Only Dream Theater has their art honed to a fine craftsmanship. These guys are trying hard, but just don’t have it. (My opinion only.)

  11. i agree NOTa DRAGON. i am a huge fan of dragonforce though, and even though i love their songs, they lack real creativity. lol i forgot who it was but a metal guitarist that was impersonating Herman went “We Record the same song 8 times!” (only my opinion)

  12. They don’t lack creativity, it’s amazing how they can come up with their solos, it takes a CRAP load of creativity and imagination to pull that off. And no… not anyone can play something really fast and sound just like them. I’ll admit though that their songs get kinda repetitive and I don’t like listening to WHOLE albums of them. I only listen to about 3 to 4 of my favorite songs from every album and it’s just fine. Now onto this album, good album, great lead off song, but the album cover just sucks. Whoever they got to do their art work needs to go back to doing signatures (or siggies) for online board junkies cuz this just doesn’t cut it.

  13. Ultra Beatdown is amazing! Best album yet, but some complaints…It’s too…futuristic…some of the songs could tne-down Vadim’s keys, but other than that it’s damn-near perfect! Reasons to Live is amazing!

  14. yes!!!!!!!!!!! this freakin album rocks!!!!!!!!! but you should of named it “chub city welcome to the neighborhood. clinton mills has the right idea!!!! heath ledger freakin rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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