My Heavy Metal vacation!

Yes! It is finally here…..a week’s vacation from work!

I’m a very lucky guy because I get 4 weeks paid vacation every year and every year I take July 4th week, the 2nd week of August, and the week of Halloween for vacation. (The 4th vacation week I use as individual vacation days for things like concerts or football games.) So here I am starting my first full week of vacation since Halloween 2007 and all I did was sleep and setup my Metal week…..

So what do I have planned for my vacation?

The first thing is to catch up on all the CDs piling up on my desk…..I am going to listen to music 24/7 even if that means sacrificing sleep!

The second thing is I’m going to catch up on this site. I’m going to try to write up as many reviews in advance so I can post more often. I may also tweak a few things in the sidebar, etc.

I have a few more Metal related projects that I would like to get a move on: cataloging my collection is the priority and creating a want list is also at the top of the list. I’m also going to start to frame some of my vintage posters this week hopefully.

Stay tuned…..

2 comments on “My Heavy Metal vacation!

  1. You are a die hard metal maniac Steve, you prefere to listen to music all the time even if you have to sacrifice your sleep, thats attitude brother and thats the way i love it. Hail to you forever.
    Anyway, great you are on holiday. You deserve it because you are working very much. Have an increible time bro.

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