Stage collapses at Rocklahoma 2008! (video and links)

From Allyson at Bring Back Glam who is attending Rocklahoma 2008:

Saturday, 7/12/08 — PRYOR, Oklahoma – Two side stages collapse at Rocklahoma 2008 when a severe summer storm blasted the area. The Tulsa World reports one person sustained a broken arm.

The severe storm sent thousands of people to tents for cover, most seeking refuge in the “VIP” tent. Despite the storm, only concert attendees with wristbands were allowed into the VIP tent, perhaps the most sturdy structure at Rocklahoma. Strong wind gusts whipped through the area, peeling apart tent flaps, allowing rushing water into the area.

The Tri-Label and Retrospect Records stages both completely collapsed. Damage estimates are unknown. Thousands of attendees trampled through standing water, uncertain of the evening’s outcome. 

Update: concert has resumed as of 8:44 C.S.T.

‘Rocklahoma 2008 side stages collapse’


Allyson is on site at the Rocklahoma fest and has been providing updates at Bring Back Glam with posts, pictures and video. She’s continued posting at her website so I’m assuming she and her crew are safe and unharmed. Allyson has pictures posted on her website:

Breaking News: Rocklahoma Side Stages Collapse

Hope everyone is safe…..

— Steve

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