Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) vs. Bret Michaels (Poison) – Battle of the Sweden Rocks Festival 2008 press conferences, video available

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Sweden Rock Festival 2008 took place this past June 4th through June 7th. The annual festival, in it’s 17th year, had an awesome lineup with many Hard Rock and Heavy Metal heavyweights. Two of the bigger name bands, Def Leppard and Poison, have stirred up a little controversy. Joe Elliott and Phil Collen had their press conference where Joe elaborated on the difference between ’70s British glam acts, Def Leppard and L.A. Glam bands Motley Crue & Poison. Basically, Joe stated that the L.A. bands cared more about their image than the music and didn’t compare to Def Leppard…..Phil kept quiet.

Of course, the next day at his presser, a reporter asked Bret Michaels to comment on Joe Elliot’s comments the previous day. Watch the video…..

‘Sweden Rocks Festival 2008 – Joe Elliot press conference & Bret Michaels answer’

Round 1 to Bret Michaels!

16 comments on “Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) vs. Bret Michaels (Poison) – Battle of the Sweden Rocks Festival 2008 press conferences, video available

  1. I love both bands,especially Poison…Joe Elliot isn’t right…Poison have great songs such as “Talk dirty to me”,”Fallen angel” and anthems like”Every rose has its thorn” and “Nothing but a good time”…I don’t think they’re fake,they do what they do because they like it and their fans love them due to their music…

  2. Both bands are good. I like Def Leppard a little more, and I kind of think Joe was right but I also think that (as much as I’m going to hate saying this) he should have just shut his mouth and not say anything. A lot of glam bands do come off as if they put image first, but I think Poison and Motley Crue aren’t like that. I think Joe’s accusation was wrong but the generalization was right (that makes sense to me and if it doesn’t to you then oh well). I think bands like Faster Pussycat and Ratt, W.A.S.P., Winger, Europe, those are the ones that the finger should be pointed at for the accusation. Not Poison and the Crue

  3. People don’t know what a bands true intention is. Whether it is only caring about their appearance or actually being good musicians & letting it be about the music and the music only… one can only assume.
    Pretend for a second you’ve never heard DL or Poison and just gander at both their band photos… I know I’d say Poison was a joke. The hair, the make up, the transgender questioning; it’s difficult for people to take any band that looks like them seriously.
    Poison definitely have cred but hating on Joe for what he said is nuts. It’s his opinion and if he wants to stir up drama and heat people up, go for it. Any press is good press.

  4. Bret and Rikki can keep there mouths shut because poison has never been awarded one diamond award and def leppard has two (thats for sales over 10,000,000 copies for an album for those who dont know what it is) Poisons total album sales world wide are like 20,000,000 thats 20 years and 5 or 6 albums Def Leppard have over 65 million albums sold! and every album since 1983 has whent top 20 and two number 1 albums i dont think poison has even came close to that. Bret is just upset he needed a reality show for people to know who he is. Def Leppard is the better band hands down, C.C. couldnt even hold Phils guitar ha! and rick allen with one arm could drum circles around rikki rocket any day

  5. We should be used to the fact that Joe has firm opinions about music and doesn’t care if anyone is going to agree with him when he voices them. He voices them because he wants his opinion known, most of these opinions are unpopular. I think that he’s now at an age where that isn’t going to change so we either have to accept this flaw, try to ignore it, or bitch about the fact that he does it.

    In all fairness, the only direct reference to Poison and Crue were that they didn’t do the Keith Richards look well. Yeah, sure the implication was there, but he so could have hit them from the start, and kept going. This does show some bit of restraint. (not much, but hey it’s different!)

    Okay, really Bret could have seriously won this if he had stopped after the first sentence. “I didn’t hear the comment.” Okay, no need to reply until you get the knowledge you need to decide if you should reply. And then Rikki jumps in with his blog etc………

    But how far from the truth is it that the 80’s music scene was more about image than it was about music? And for some bands, image on and off the stage was more important. That doesn’t mean that the music was bad or below standard, just means that the image was more important and what they focused on first! Not right, not wrong, just is.

  6. Yep, Joe was right. Alot of those bands were all about image, how about the whole early Motley Crue satanism stuff?? Decent music but the image definetly sold the music. Why do you think they called it “Cock rock”?? I think Poison AND Motley Crue are pimples on the ass of the hard rock genre. They were good bands but wouldn’t have made it anywhere without the gimmicks.

  7. People may be a bit uncomfortable with the idea, but there’s no doubt that Joe was telling it as is.

    That’s not to say that Poison etc. didn’t take their musical seriously, or that they weren’t decent musicians. But the fact is they probably were a tad bit more obsessed with their pretty hair and makeup than the Def Leppard guys were, who had a very cool this is just who we are attitude, let’s make music first, never mind worrying about eyelashes or big hair.

    Yes, Joe might have used a bit more tact in making his case, like keeping specific names out of the conversation, but can’t deny I love his I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-arse-what-everyone-thinks-of-me, and his ability to easily go against stupid hive mind niceties. The fact is, whether it was in bad taste or not, it was probably a bit true.

  8. Um, maybe I’m missing something here, but I’ve been a huge Def Leppard fan since 1986, and a Poison fan since they debuted.

    JOe is right about a lot of things. BUt so is Bret.

    This argument is really stupid, and Bret’s assessment that it is the pot calling the kettle black is dead on.

    If you look at pictures of both bands without hearing their music, BOTH bands look ridiculous at various points in their careers. Can anyone honestly say DL hasn’t fallen into the Fashion Metal groove as much as POison or any other band out there…I mean, did everyone close their eyes and not look at the various hokey outfits DL wore during the 80s?

    The defense that DL is better and correct on this because they have sold more albums just doesnt even register on my map, either. So what? That means they’re better?

    And the idea that DL writes songs with more substance is completely insane…all of these bands write pop songs about girls, how to rock, girls, and girls. Some of them reference a song about politics, or society, or life on the streets, but c’mon…DL’s songs are not breaking any more boundaries than any other hair metal band.

    The thing is, when it comes down to it, yeah, I’m a bigger DL fan than Poison, but they have cranked out some terrible cheese in the last 15-20 years. HOw can they accuse other bands of writing songs without substance and covering up that lack of musical talent with their looks? THEY HAVE FALLEN INTO THE SAME HOLE OVER AND OVER.

    I’m a fan of the genre, and most of the time, with a few exceptions, you can’t really look to glam rock/metal for songs with substance…most of the time its simply pop with crazy costumes, which is good and why its fun to follow, listen to, and like.

    I’ll buy the argument Elliot is older and opinionated and doesnt care…good for him. And I think Michaels is an idiot most of the time. BUt that’s not why I listen to his band’s fun songs.

    I mean, he lost me when he said that the Brit bands were more about their music than the glam, except maybe David Bowie…Bowie hasn’t paid attention to his music? I mean, I could hear that argument about his newer stuff, maybe, but WTF? Bowie in the late 1960s, early 1970s? You’re going to allude that Bowie wasn’t writing some of the best songs ever in that period? Sheeesh. If it wasn’t for Bowie, DL wouldn’t exist. And they reference him in their glam tribute video to “Rockit.”

  9. Joe Elliot is an idiot! POISON is better than Def Leppard any day… and Motley Crue crushes Def Leppard 10 fold.

    Come on Joe, your last 5 albums were pretty lame. To anyone that wants to argue record sales… Motley Crue have sold more world wide than Def Leppard

  10. Mike, in response, Def Leppard has sold more albums than Motley, in your words, by 2 “10 fold[s]”. The argument between the two bands was weird and random, but what’s even more awkward is that Def Leppard will be co-headlining with Poison this summer. I’m glad however that they were able to set aside there, uh differences and keep on rockin’!

  11. In my opinion, i would say that poison really is that kind of band. but still no other clam band that i know is like that :D never really liked poison. so many stupid songs, and bretts voice sucks.

  12. I completely agree with Joe. That may be me just being a huge Lep fan but anyways…. Joes been at this longer and has stayed with music since the beginning. Def Leppard has tour consistently since ’78. Can Poison say the same thing? Think not. Joe doesnt need to start a reality show to boost his popularity. People dont seem to realize that Def Leppard has produced 13 albums since 1979. Of new material not the same songs in a different order. Even when their 80s fame wore out Def Leppard still continued to release albums of music they wanted to record not what they felt people wanted to hear. And it was still good. Im going to see the joint tour this summer as fans of both bands but I will be screaming louder for Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, and Rick.

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