Sunday Spins – 7/20/08

Combine a day off with temperatures climbing past 95 degrees and high humidity and you get a nice Summer day in Rhode Island. It’s a day to relax…..forget all the errands, all the housework, and just do what you want. My wife and kids are doing just that and, with a check of any “man of the house” duties, I am free and clear to do my own thing too. Time for some music…..

Judas Priest – Nostradmaus (2008): I worked overnoght shift last night/this morning (12am-8am) and I played this twice on the MP3 player…..a nice way to kill almost four hours! I still think there is more to like on this album if you push your expectations aside.

Ayreon – 01011001 (2008): I’ve been in the music room since about 10am this morning and I have spun both discs of this album twice. I bought this latest Arjen Lucassen masterpiece the day it came out earlier in the year but I haven’t really listened. I gave this a couple of spins and put it in the pile, it’s excellent but there is so much going on musically that you really need to sit down and listen, it’s not background music at all.

White Lion – Return Of The Pride (2008): I admit to liking White Lion back in the day and I still give their albums a spin from time to time. I followed Mike Tramp’s solo career not as closely but a new album under the “White Lion” banner had me interested. I’ve had this since it came out and only gave it a couple of spins.

U.D.O. – Mastercutor (2007): I am a very stupid man! I passed on this album time and time again all of last year and I finally broke down and grabbed it back in January. Probably one of the best albums released in 2007 and that means it would have easily been in my Top Albums list. Rene… were right, excellent CD!

The Who – Quadrophenia (1973): My current obsession with The Who has nothing to do with the current accolades the band is getting from VH-1 and other media outlets, it’s due to hearing a block of TOMMY songs during a “block party weekend” while on my vacation. Nothing is better than the local stations playing 3 or 4 tunes in a row from a certain band! ‘5:15’ has been one of my faves Who grooves for years.

KISS – Creatures Of The Night (1982): My second favorite KISS album and probably their most metallic.

2 comments on “Sunday Spins – 7/20/08

  1. Thanks for that line about MASTERCUTOR by UDO. Was nice to see my name their. You have been playing some realy cool music like always. I realy like th new JUDAS PRIEST too. I am going to see WHITE LION live this saturday in the south of Spain. I can hardly wait for that.
    Take care Steve and thanks againnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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