Metallica confirm the release date and tracklisting for Death Magnetic (2008)

From Bravewords:

METALLICA have officially confirmed the tracklisting for Death Magnetic, which will be released on September 12th in the U.S., September 10 in Japan. It is as follows: ‘That Was Just Your Life’, ‘The End Of The Line’, ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’, ‘The Day That Never Comes’, ‘All Nightmare Long’, ‘Cyanide’, ‘The Unforgiven III’, ‘The Judas Kiss’, ‘Suicide & Redemption’, ‘My Apocalypse’

10 comments on “Metallica confirm the release date and tracklisting for Death Magnetic (2008)

  1. >Unforgiven 3?

    That’s what I was gonna say!!
    “Unforgiven II” was bad enough.

    I hope this album is good like Metallica used to be…not like “St. Anger”!

  2. The Unforgiven Three??? Sequals are usually bad, but a third reinstallment of The Unforgiven, I don’t know… I think I heard Kirk say this sounds like a less progressive …And Justice for All. I’m not really sure how to take that, all I have to say is it better sound better than Load, ReLoad and St. Anger combined.

  3. Cool cover, nice multiple effects.

    Some good track names … but I’m very disappointed to see a third “Unforgiven.” The first two don’t give me much faith about the third, unless they are going to knock one out of the park and redeem themselves for the first two.

  4. I’m in agreeance with the rest… “Unforgiven III”? Look, I liked Unforgiven II, but enough is enough. We don’t need sequel songs that sound similar to the original. Make something totally new! And if it *does* sound totally different, why title it “Unforgiven III”?

    This better not mean the next Megadeth album gives us “Return to Hangar… Again”.

  5. World wide release date is September 12th, confirmed by Metallica’s website AND from Samantha McNally (of the Metallica Club), who stated to me via email that the release date is “September 12 worldwide, no matter what the other sites say. 9/12/08 is the album release date, everywhere.”

  6. I just love unforgiven I and unforgiven II and liked Unforgiven III just as much as I liked the previous two songs. I think there should be even Unforgiven IV, hehe. Metallica Rulez ! :) They are the best !

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