Return To Earth – Captains Of Industry (2007)

Return To Earth – Captains Of Society (2007, Bald Freak Music)

  1. Intro
  2. A New Sound
  3. Captains Of Industry
  4. Get Your Knife
  5. You Built The Fire, I Brought The Match
  6. Beautiful Mess
  7. The Way You Walk
  8. I’m Alive And Well
  9. Gunpoint Poetry
  10. Restore (My Heart)
  11. South 20th Street Riot
  12. Strings From Niagra
  13. Killer Pilots
  14. Endless Bags Of Money
  15. Last Night Last Fight
  16. Remember This Face

Band Lineup:
Brett Aveni – Guitars, Bass, Bass Synth
Chris Pennie – Drums, Synths, Programming, Guitars
Ron Scalzo – Vocals & Piano

Produced by: Return To Earth & Bumblefoot

Total Time = 50:31

Return To Earth official website
Return To Earth MySpace page
Bald Freak Music

I have to admit some ignorance in not knowing a thing about Return To Earth except that Chris Pennie is formerly of Dillinger Escape Plan and currently in Coheed & Cambria. Obviously, that band name-dropping has piqued the interest of many Hard Rock and Metal fans, including myself, but does Return To Earth play that style of harder music?

Vocalist Ron Scalzo describes the band’s sound as “Big Rock” but this isn’t the traditional Hard Rock or Heavy Metal that you would expect. All of the songs are heavily guitar oriented with solid drumming but what sets Return To Earth apart sonically is Scalzo’s Modern Rock vocals and the electronic sounds added in to give the music a current sound. Comparisons to the Foo Fighters, Staind, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down and Coldplay aren’t that far off so CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY should appeal to a wide range of Mainstream Rock fans. One listen to ‘Gunpoint Poetry’ and you can immeadiately hear the similarities to the Foo Fighters’ hit single ‘Monkeywrench’. That’s not to say that the band is blatantly ripping off Dave Grohl’s bread and butter but the sound is similar. What Return To Earth has over all these other Modern Rock bands that are burning up the charts is that they experiment with different drum patterns (there some good double bass in there!), electonica and synth, and the occasional sample. The vocals and harmonies are pretty solid all around and I would say that the guitar is pretty good too but everything sounds too much like the other bands out there.

Bottom Line:
This is not my kind of music so I couldn’t get into this album at all and I gave it a ton of spins. There’s nothing really Metal about Return To Earth but I would consider them more of a Hard Rock band in today’s definition of what mainstream Hard Rock is. For me, I don’t hear the difference between Return To Earth and Foo Fighters or Staind, those are two bands that I turn off when they come on the radio (if I even have the radio on), but if that is the style that the band is aspiring to then they have done a good job. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard a song from this album on Rock radio but then again I personally wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Give this band some airplay though and I bet they chart on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart… local stations 94 WHJY & 95.5 WBRU (both in Providence, RI) would play the heck out of this album.

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