iTunes Exclusive: Alice Cooper – Along Came A Spider released with three iTunes only bonus tracks


Alice Cooper has released a special iTunes only version of his new album, ALONG CAME A SPIDER, that contains three iTunes only exclusive tracks – Shadow of Yourself, I’ll Still Be There, Salvation (Acoustic).

8 comments on “iTunes Exclusive: Alice Cooper – Along Came A Spider released with three iTunes only bonus tracks

  1. Not many people pay for their downloads and for shore many of those downloaders freeks and gay heads can get those 3 songs for free on the net too. But people like you and me, that still buy cds deserve those 3 extra tracks too on the cd. Fuck them.

  2. I agree with the others. Exclusive song online is crap for the people that want to buy the actual cd. Put the damn songs on the cd as well.

  3. Yes ur right i bought the cd but there were no bonus tracks if they want publish songs please in mp3 next time but better on the cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this disc rocks but to shortchange the cd buyers is dumb.
    cd’s have better quality soundwise than mp3 and ipods etc.
    cd’s are in trouble sales wise too. so you need to put the tracks on them
    so we will buy the disc. and since I have every other release and even
    radio shows I have to buy the cd.
    but this is just dumb.

  5. I bought the disc the day it came out and it still pisses me off today that it didn,t include the 3 bonus tracks. I was also mad when he put an extra track on Dirty Diamonds for the U.K. only. I own every Alice Cooper album but I do not own or plan on buying an Ipod anytime in the distant future. I am a creature of habit and I cherish my cd collection. I personally think it was a slap in the face not to have these songs included as they were suppose to be a few surprises on the album according to the albums producer. The album is awesome but it certainly wasn’t the double album Alice said might happen because of the year delay in production. I hope he has another album this year as well to make up for it.

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