WANTED: Metal Forces (Issue #2)



Metal Forces (Issue #2) – (1984)

When I’m not collecting CDs and vinyl, my other past time is collecting old Metal magazines. When I was a kid I used to spend a lot of my hard-earned allowance on Metal magazines: Circus, Hit Parader, Rock Faces, Metal Edge, Creem…..these were my bibles growing up. One magazine I always tried to get was Metal Forces from England. It was hard to track down a copy of Metal Forces but the mom & pop record store I used to go to after school carried a few copies. They sold out quick and I only bought a few but I always managed to read every issue in the store. When you’re 12 years old and you don’t have a job, you have to spend your money wisely. Circus & Hit Parader were must haves and the rest of my windfall went to tapes, Metal Forces became a luxury.

When I got online in late ’97, I went back and rediscovered Metal Forces. There used to be a couple of websites that listed all the issues with the covers but they have since disappeared. Thanks to Ebay, I’ve been able to pick up a few mint copies of different early issues, including the elusive inaugural debut…..one of the hardest ones to find. Issue #2 (with Ronnie James Dio on the cover) is usually pretty easy to find in mint condition for around $10 and I have decided to pick up each issue in order.

2 comments on “WANTED: Metal Forces (Issue #2)

  1. I have nearly all the early METAL FORCES magazines, also this number 2. My fave magazines together with AARDSCHOK from Holland, old ROCK HARD from Germany, old HEAVY ROCK from Spain etc….but METAL FORCES was special. ELIMINATOR by ZZ TOP ended number 1 in their top 1983 if i remember right.

  2. Hi! I have heard that TILT is supposed to be on issue 2 of the metal forces video. Does anyone of you have it or know where i can look? It would be so great to see!
    Cheers, Sanna

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