Vacation again!

Here we go again, I’m on another vacation! Being in a Union is very nice, my 14 years of service to my company affords me 4 weeks vacation a year.

So what do I have planned this week? 

OLYMPICS! I have always been a fan of the Olympics and I devour as much TV time on a variety of sports everytime. This is the first Olympic Games where we have a DVR so my wife has 2 major channels recording round the clock and we are enjoying a ton of swimming, basketball, gymnastics, rowing, fencing and all the rest. When track & field starts, I’ll be glued to the TV.

As far as the website goes, I’m going to try like hell and catch up on any long outstanding reviews and prepare for my first ever Live Album Week.

Personally, my birthday is Saturday so I am celebrating by taking my younger brother to the Metal Masters show at Mohegan Sun on Friday. It’s only Testament, Heaven & Hell, and Judas Priest…..for some reason Motorhead is playing a headlining gig at The Palladium in Worcester, MA and not playing at the casino. I’m a little disappointed because Motorhead always has a great show but what can you do? Look for a review on the show early next week.

A long overdue shopping spree is coming as well because all I ever get for my birthday is gift cards to the local record store…..I think my kids also went with my wife to pick out a couple of CDs, I noticed my list is missing.

So that’s what’s up……keep tuned in.


One comment on “Vacation again!

  1. Great you are on Holiday again and that you are going to post more on your blog. Cool your family went out to the cd shop to buy some cd´s for you. Let us know what you got exacly. Have a great time at the concert, sound like an increible gig.

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