Metal Masters tour is tonight!

Tonight is the Metal Masters concert at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut and I’m going! I get to see Judas Priest, Heaven & Hell, and Testament play a full-on Heavy Metal show the day before my 36th birthday…..that’s one hell of a present! The really cool thing about it is that I am on the Testament guest list so there are 2 tickets waiting for me at the call window! I’ve never been on anyone’s guest list before so I’m hoping that there are no problems, my brother is taking the train in from New York City to make the show with me.

Unfortunately, Motorhead is not playing the Mohegan Sun. I’m not sure why but they are playing a headlining gig at The Palladium in Worcester, MA at the same time. It’s too bad because my brother was looking forward to Motorhead but he still gets Testament, Priest, & Dio-era Sabbath… can’t go wrong with that!

Stay tuned for a review……

— Steve

7 comments on “Metal Masters tour is tonight!

  1. I have tickets for the 18 Aug show here in Clarkston (Detroit), MI. I’m 37 and taking my 16 yr old son (hell yeah). Bonus! – a MoTown favorite of mine since I was his age (Seduce) is also playing that night. F**k fishing. Nothing say father-son bonding time like an evening of classic ear bleeding Metal on a sweltering Detroit summer night! \m/_

  2. Im going today with my brother and my friend to the Pittsburgh show. Ive been excited since we got the tickets in June! ill let you know how it goes!

  3. I just got home from the show tonight, and I’ll start by saying my ears are still ringing A LOT. My son and I had a blast, but a few things could have been better. Seduce’s sound check was off and you couldn’t hear the vocals. Literally sounded like he was singing into a muffled sack. However, the few loyal fans seemed pleased. Testament came on next and kicked ass! They were the band I was most excited to see. Worst part was their set was too short. I would have loved to have heard more, but they played a solid number of classics and some stuff off the new CD. The croud was still pretty lean at this point since it was only about 5pm on a Monday afternoon, but the faithful were in attendance. Motorhead was next and did a great set. They closed it out with Ace of Spades and then Overkill. Lemmy was Lemmy – nothing else to add. Dio and company earned a bit more real estate on stage, added some creepy props and rocked the place which was by now nearing capacity. The mood was a bit weird because it was still fairly light out (not quite dusk yet), so Dio didn’t get the full evilness he desired. Finally Judas Priest fired it up at about 9 pm-ish. They got the full use of the entire stage to accommodate the massive props and stage risers. First song was the title track off the new CD, then they bled into the classics. Only odd thing which threw off the flow of their gig, was K.K. Rob, and Glenn ran off stage after every song to either swap out a guitar or a quick wardrobe change. Otherwise, it was a great performance. My biggest gripe is with the management and the total lack of merchandise. There was no “Masters of Metal” gear. I’d have gladly forked out some cash for a shirt, poster, anything that represented all 4 major acts on it. We settled for a cool Testament 2008 tour shirt, but could have gone in for so much more if they’d have marketed for it. I’d say better, but it was not at all. Overall – great time and I’ll go again when it rolls through Detroit next time. \m/_

  4. Yea it was a great concert. We didn’t get to see Seduce though. Testament was amazing but I also was disappointing that they only played about 6-7 songs and they didn’t even play Alone in the Dark or Into the Pit! I’m not a huge Motorhead fan but they were good in their own way, the crowd seemed to love them. It was about half way through Motorhead when the place got packed. It too wasnt quite dark out for Heaven and Hell but it was for their last few songs. They made up for it by having a great stage set-up and drum solo and what i think was an improvised guitar solo from Tony Iommi. Judas Priest was amazing. They played all their hits and my personal favorite song Painkiller. Also The Hellion/Electric Eye was great. Then for the encore he came out on the motorcycle and had the crowd screaming Hellbent for Leather. It was a great night although i was disappointed for Testament’s short set, but it was still an awesome night.

  5. I also was at the Mi. show at DTE. Missed Seduce, and nearly missed some of Testament because I had to run to all three merch tables to find the Testament shirt I wanted in a Large. The other two only had Medium left. The show was just starting and they already were out of shirts? For $35? Anyways, they were awesome on stage. And just like everyone else, I was upset they only played 6 songs. Skipped Motorhead to eat and hang out at the party room club thing. Heaven and Hell were very boring. Neon Nights was good though. Judas Priest was AMAZING! And they only played a couple new songs. Mostly classics. Hell yeah!

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