WANTED: Iced Earth – Night Of The Stormrider (1992)


 Iced Earth – Night Of The Stormrider (1992)

I was organizing my CD collection the other day and I started pulling out my Iced Earth albums to give them all a fresh listen. I listened to the first album, ICED EARTH, released way back in 1991 and I was about to move on to NIGHT OF THE STORMRIDER when I realized that it was missing! I checked the entire music room, I checked every shelf and pile of CDs, and I looked in the storage boxes I used when we moved into this house two years ago…..nothing.

What I did find was an old notebook that had an old Want List in it. Lo and behold! NIGHT OF THE STORMRIDER is listed! I was sure I already had this CD, I know I’ve listened to it many times so I reached back into my memory to figure out why I don’t have the disc but I know the album so well. I went to a box of CDRs that I have ignored for a few years and, tucked away nice and neat, was a burned copy of the album. In the CD case where the artwork would be there was an index card that read: “BUY A.S.A.P. – ORIGINAL CD RETURNED/RIPPED BACK TRAYCARD”. Mystery solved!

I only want the original issue of the disc, I am not interested in the 2002 remastered version with the different artwork remastered/remixed music.

3 comments on “WANTED: Iced Earth – Night Of The Stormrider (1992)

  1. The new reissues didn’t even touch my radar. Why would I want to hear the first 2 albums with a different drummer? Why mess with the perfection of Stormrider? That album is incredible.

  2. I have to original version and its a okay album. Never been a big ICED EARTH fan, but my girlfriend is. I saw them ones in Germany in 1998 and ones in Spain, VALENCIA but was not impressed. Still have all their albums.

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