WANTED: AC/DC – T.N.T. (1975)



AC/DC – T.N.T. (1975)

While I was on my vacation, I decided to get all the AC/DC albums out and upload them to my MP3 player. I piled them all on my desk, uploaded to the computer, synched the Dell DJ 30 (which is dying slowly!) and put the CDs back on the shelves. I put the discs away quickly and, upon further review, I didn’t pay attention to their chronological order. A couple of hours later I was putting HIGH VOLTAGE (1975) back (it was in the stereo) and I fixed the proper order and found T.N.T. to be missing! I checked my desk and the CD shelves but I couldn’t find it! Is it possible that I didn’t have it? I checked my Dell DJ to see if I had loaded it in…..not there! I guess I don’t own it after all!

So why do I want it? First, it will complete the AC/DC collection…..I hate having a missing album in a band’s discography. Second, most of the songs appear on the international release of HIGH VOLTAGE but that album has the songs ‘Little Lover’ & ‘She’s Got Balls’ instead of ‘Rocker’ & ‘School Days’ (a Chuck Berry cover) that are featured on T.N.T. The studio version of ‘Rocker’ does appear on the international release of DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP and a live version is on the BONFIRE box set from 1997. ‘School Days’ appears live on the BONFIRE box set also. I have BONFIRE and DIRTY DEEDS so this is one of those albums that I want but I will take my time getting. In the end, I have all the songs except for the studio version of ‘School Days’ and this album can be found on Ebay for around 10 dollars (includes shipping).

7 comments on “WANTED: AC/DC – T.N.T. (1975)

  1. The first few AC/DC releases are kind of a mess, aren’t they? It really bugs me that a band can be this big, and not have releases worldwide that include every song on every album. I’m sure if somebody decided, “hey, let’s remaster and re-release the first four Australian AC/DC albums worldwide”, there would be a big pile of cash to be had. There hasn’t even been a BOX SET that covers all of the “missing songs”! Some of them showed up on “’74 Jailbreak”, but not all of them, even though they could have all fit on there. “Bonfire” would have been a great place for this stuff, but instead they packaged “Back in Black” with it, which everybody already has?
    Anyway…. the first four releases:
    TNT – Was repackaged as “High Voltage”, sans “School Days” and “Rocker”, in favour of “Little Lover” and “She’s Got Balls”, as you mentioned.
    High Voltage – The bulk of this was released on “’74 Jailbreak”, except for “Little Lover”, “She’s Got Balls”, “Stick Around” (not released elsewhere) and “Love Song” (also not released elsewhere)
    Dirty Deeds – “Rock In Peace” is missing in the repackaging, and “Jailbreak” discarded in favour of “Love at First Feel”
    Let There Be Rock – “Crabsody in Blue” is discarded in favour of “Problem Child”, which is ALSO included in the repackaged “Dirty Deeds”.
    After this, I think everything is OK.
    Anyway, I have, um, digital versions of the Aussie versions of these albums.

  2. Did the song “Cold Hearted Man” ever appear on an official AC/DC album? Or was it ever only on a single (and probably an Australia-only release, too)? Love that song and I am in dire need of a digital version of it! My only copy of the song is third generation copy from a cassette tape.

    I agree that remastering and re-releasing the original Australian versions of the albums would be boon for the band.

  3. cleaning out me folks attic & found an origional Aussie import of TNT. Still plays (just) as the vinal’s a bit warped. Was never gonna part with me old vinal but could give it a good home. Not a rock album more Loud blues. Its the double fold out with clear plastic inner sleeve bought when I was 12

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