Scorpions – World Wide Live (1985)

Scorpions – World Wide Live (1985, Mercury)

  1. Countdown
  2. Coming Home
  3. Blackout
  4. Bad Boys Running Wild
  5. Loving You Sunday Morning
  6. Make It Real
  7. Big City Nights
  8. Coast To Coast
  9. Holiday
  10. Still Loving You
  11. Rock You Like A Hurricane
  12. Can’t Live Without You
  13. Another Piece Of Meat
  14. The Zoo
  15. No One Like You
  16. Dynamite
  17. Can’t Get Enough (Part l)
  18. Six String Sting
  19. Can’t Get Enough (Part ll)

Total Time = 1:17:27

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WORLD WIDE LIVE is another favorite live album from my early teenage years that I still listen to regularly. I had discovered the Scorpions at the time like I did with most bands: through magazines and record store trips. I knew about the Scorpions but I never heard a single song until I saw the video for ‘No One Like You’ on MTV. I remember that video being in regular rotation and it wasn’t uncommon to see it at some point every hour. I picked up BLACKOUT but I really didn’t get into the band until they released LOVE AT FIRST STING in 1984 and became a huge commercial success. The Scorpions were everywhere: MTV, radio, magazines, and on tour. They rode a massive wave of success on the sing;es ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’, ‘Still Loving You’ and ‘Big City Nights’ but I liked the whole album and I started to put all the Scorpions’ albums at the top of my want list. I remember reading about a new Scorpions live album in Circus Magazine so I was definitely getting it.

I remember how I got WORLD WIDE LIVE very vividly. I was always a collector. I liked baseball cards, Star Wars toys and comics but, once I got hooked, Rock music became my passion. My father recognized my almost overnight change from a kid playing with toys to a kid listening to Heavy Metal and wearing studded wristbands! My father decided he was going to get involved in my new hobby by actually taking an interest into what I was buying, reading and listening. He was concerned like parents were at the time because all he really knew was what he heard on the news: how Rock/Metal music pushed kids into a world of sex, drugs, violence and danger. In order to try and understand what I was into, he thumbed through my Rock mags and made sure he understood exactly what tapes I bought. Shortly after WORLD WIDE LIVE’s release, I asked my father if he could pick it up for me on the way home from work. My father worked in the Boston area about a little over an hour’s commute so I knew that he wouldn’t want to take me to the record store so I convinced him to stop at the Good Vibrations in Foxboro, about halfway between work and home, and pick it up for me. Surprisingly, he agreed. My father came home and gave me my brand new cassette: Scorpions – TOKYO TAPES (1978)!

Now my father tried but he didn’t really get it. Each band was faceless and each album was the same, as long as I still got straight A’s in school and didn’t turn into a deliquent, he was happy. His effort to understand and keep an eye on what I was listening too was genuine but a little above his head. Turns out he stopped at the Good Vibrations, asked the clerk for a Scorpions concert album, and the showed him two different ones. He forgot the title so he bought the one that looked the safest…..TOKYO TAPES. Of course, I knew the difference right away and I told him that I wanted to exchange it at my usual Good Vibrations near home over the weekend. I ended up going to return the tape that weekend but I just ended up buying the WORLD WIDE LIVE cassette and keeping the TOKYO TAPES instead. My father found out I didn’t exchange the one he bought so he gave me the ten bucks I spent on WORLD WIDE LIVE and I ended up with two albums for free!

I was big into BLACKOUT and LOVE AT FIRST STING so hearing live versions of ‘Bad Boys Running Wild’, ‘Can’t Live Without You’ and ‘Dynamite’ alongside the popular singles ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ and ‘No One Like You’ was very cool. What was even better was that there were other songs that I had never heard and they kicked major ass! ‘Another Piece Of Meat’, ‘The Zoo’, ‘Loving You Sunday Morning’ and ‘Make It Real’ were awesome and I started to add all the Scorpions’ albums to my growing want list. My favorites on this album are the live versions of ‘Big City Nights’, ‘Can’t Live Without You’ and ‘No One Like You’ but the best part of the album was when Klaus Meine would talk to the audience…..the band was German and I knew there was a language difference but with the accents and the different phrasing, Klaus came off a bit comical while pumping up the crowd. It was because of WORLD WIDE LIVE that I became a huge Scorpions fan and I started buying up all their albums.

I had the cassette, which I wore out and it snapped, so I upgraded to CD. the problem was that the initial U.S. pressing on CD dropped ‘Another Piece Of Meat’, ‘Can’t Get Enough (Pt.1)’, ‘Six String Sting’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough (Pt.2)’ to fit it on one disc. I couldn’t listen to it without those songs so I went out and bought a new cassette. Somewhere in the late ’90s, Mercury Records started reissuing the Scorpions’ catalog and the CD reissue of WORLD WIDE LIVE ended up having all the songs and the original artwork so I picked it up on sale for $8.99.

5 comments on “Scorpions – World Wide Live (1985)

  1. My memories dont work like other of you i can see lol. To much drugs in the past i think. Anyway, i remember only that a friends brother had this album and we played it many times in his room till i bought it in 1991 i think.

  2. What was the last video on the world wide live tour video when the credits started to roll, it is driving me crazy. It is not on the album list!!!

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