What’s going on…..an update on where I am and what’s coming up

I hope everyone liked Live Album Week last week, I know I did. Unfortunately I was behind on publishing the posts because I was having trouble with my laptop. Actually, it’s my wife’s laptop. It was given to her at a previous job 6 years ago and she took it with her when she was laid off. It’s a wonder it lasted this long!

Anyway, the laptop died the other day and all of my posts were stuck inside on Microsoft Word. We have free wireless throughout the house so it was easier to work off the laptop with 2 kids and a dog creating havoc, it was just an Internet portal for family. So everything is locked inside and it won’t turn on so I started to re-write everything, putting me behind schedule. I had written everything in advance so I could write some more reviews in advance to keep the site going while my personal schedule went into overdrive. Unfortunately, everything was on hold for a few days.

So what’s coming up?

Not sure actually. My schedule is pretty hectic this time of year and I’m trying to cram everything in with only 4 hours of sleep each day. I’m sure you all know how it is: family, work, and activities all crammed into a small window of time called a day! Reviews are coming but getting them done is a little harder lately with less free time. I am listening to some interesting albums so there will be some cool features this month.

One thing I can promise is that I’m going to make one week each month a Band Week. October will have AC/DC Week to celebrate the release of their new record, BLACK ICE. I haven’t decided if it will be the 3rd or 4th week of the month yet. I’m leaning towards the 3rd week because BLACK ICE is released on the 10/20 and I’d like to do a few features for Halloween the following week.

Stay tuned…..

— Steve

4 comments on “What’s going on…..an update on where I am and what’s coming up

  1. I enjoyed the live album week. I don’t know if I am going to buy the new AC/DC or not. I mean know what to expect and they have not had a great album in a long time and I can’t imagine this release ending that streak. Also after hearing how good the new Rose Tattoo album is I am even more angry at AC/DC for just being content to have been so bland for much of the last 17 years.

  2. I didnt like the last AC/DC album but i read on the net that the new album sound a little like THE RAZOR EDGE and BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO, two of my fave albums. I think i will buy it.
    You only sleep 4 hours a day??? I could not do that because my brain would be fucked up hahaha. Anyway, i am happy you are still posting a lot of new stuff on your blog, its still my fave STeve. Hail to you and your family.

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