AC/DC Mixtape

I have every AC/DC album, except for T.N.T. (1975) and the new album BLACK ICE, and they are all loaded into my MP3 player. I know all of these albums so well that listening to them in their proper order gets stale sometimes. I like to mix it all up and shuffling all the Bon Scott era tracks in with the Brian Johnson era is a nice way to keep it fresh. AC/DC is on the radio so much but I only ever hear the same 20 or so songs, I need a deep track now and then!

Here’s the first 20 songs from AC/DC off my Dell DJ (song-album-year):

  1. ‘Touch Too Much’ – Highway To Hell (1979)
  2. ‘Meltdown’ – Stiff Upper Lip (2000)
  3. ‘Mistress For Christmas’ – The Razor’s Edge (1990)
  4. ‘Inject the Venom’ – For Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981)
  5. ‘Let’s Get It Up’ – For Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981)
  6. ‘Nervous Shakedown’ – Flick Of the Switch (1983)
  7. ‘Ride On’ – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976)
  8. ‘Boogie Man’ – Ballbreaker (1995)
  9. ‘All Screwed Up’ – Stiff Upper Lip (2000)
  10. ‘Girls Got Rhythm’ – Highway to Hell (1979)
  11. ‘Nick Of Time’ – Blow Up Your Video (1988)
  12. ‘T.N.T.’ – High Voltage (1975)
  13. ‘Rising Power’ – Flick Of The Switch (1983)
  14. ‘Up To My Neck In You’ – Powerage (1978)
  15. ‘Problem Child’ – Let there Be Rock (1977)
  16. ‘Cover You In Oil’ – Ballbreaker (1995)
  17. ‘Night Of The Long Knives’ – For Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981)
  18. ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ – ’74 Jailbreak (1984)
  19. ‘I Put The Finger On You’ – For Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981)
  20. ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ – Let There Be Rock (1977)

Bonus Track: ‘Sink The Pink’ – Fly On The Wall (1985)

Interesting mix of songs here but two things are plainly obvious: my MP3 player prefers the Brian Johnson era and it’s favorite record is FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU! Seven songs out of twenty were sung by the late Bon Scott and four tunes were from FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK. What surprised me about this mixtape was that not one song from BACK IN BLACK (1980) came up!

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