On hold due to virus attack…..

Everything here at HMA is on hold due to a trojan virus attack that has infected my entire home network. My main terminal is out and my laptop just went too. I have a tech guy coming on Wednesday because my anti-virus software (which is up to date) didn’t catch it.

When the tech guy gets everything back up and running, I will post all the AC/DC posts that were supposed to be up last week and I will start a new round of reviews.

Cross your fingers!

6 comments on “On hold due to virus attack…..

  1. bummer i got one those sql viruses ealrier this year associated with myspace saying u need to dload iwndows update it was exploit using sql ifnecting u with virus dude to vulnerabilty in adobe flash..

    good luck man i love your site alot

  2. STeve, are you okay??? I hope you are fine and your family and that soon your computer is working again. I miss the updates bro. Take care,

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