Press Release: Jorn Lande – Live In America DVD due on 1/23/2009


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the long awaited Jorn Lande DVD Live In America on January 23, 2009.


Live In America was recorded live during Jorn’s first ever concert in the USA, at the ProgPower VII Festival in Atlanta, where he performed as headliner of the day on September 16th 2006. The incredible set saw Jorn offer a wide selection of songs taken from his solo albums, collaborations and a mindblowing Whitesnake medley, who made him one of the most successful acts ever in the history of the festival.

Jorn Lande is one of nowadays vocal Rock gods: he has a vocal capability that is world class, distinctive, rich and spanning a large range. He cut his teeth with such internationally renowned acts as: Masterplan, Ark, Millenium, Vagabond, The Snakes and many more. He has also established himself with his own band under the name “Jorn”, releasing so far seven increasingly successful solo albums. “Live In America” is a visual testament to Jorn’s capabilities as an entertainer and to the incredible power and strength of his now legendary shows and a perfect complement of the CD release which came out in September 2007.

DVD Contents – Jorn Live at ProgPower VII Festival: We Brought The Angels Down; Blacksong; Duke of Love; Are You Ready; Cold Sweat; Drum Solo; Out To Every Nation: Guitar Solo; Straight Through The Heart; Godless And Wicked; Soulburn; Devilbird; Perfect Strangers; Gonna Find The Sun; The Whitesnake Medley: Come on/Sweet Talker/Crying in the Rain/Here I Go Again/Give Me All Your Love / NTSC Region Free – 16:9 / Stereo Mix 2.0.

7 comments on “Press Release: Jorn Lande – Live In America DVD due on 1/23/2009

  1. I saw him live in the south of spain last summer and he was sleeping in the same hotel as i was, but not in the same room of course hahaha. Anyway, great live and for shore this is going to be good.

  2. I was at this show, they kicked ASS. The sound was LOUD and CLEAR unlike any other concert i have attended. I even met and gave Jorn a beer.

  3. Man,
    I just can’t wait to see this DVD, might be awesome!!!
    Jorn is definitely, one of the greatests singers of all time!!
    Hear him gives me chills!!!
    I hope to see him in Brazil one day!!!
    You rock man!!!!
    Luv ya!!!

    Tales Kiss

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