Coming this week…..

Christmas is over but we have the New Year to look forward to. I love the new year because it gives everyone a chance to “start over” when the reality is that life just keeps going!

Life will continue here at HMA as I already have an eye on 2009. I’ve got some new albums to review that will be released in January and I have enough albums from 2008 that I didn’t review or didn’t pull from the pile. There are also a few DVDs that I need to review as well.

I should be posting everyday from now on (hopefully!) and I’m not really sure what I will write about this week except for a review of the new Saxon album INTO THE LABYRINTH and my 3 Year Blog-versary on Saturday. And I already have a Scavenger Hunt to post because I had to go and blow all the gift cards I got for Xmas!

If you haven’t looked already, please check out the Heavy Metal Addiction 2008 Awards Week for my picks of the best and worst albums & DVDs of 2008. Also look at the links for the reviews and for all the other blogs that posted their list on the same day.

Looking forward to 2009!

— Steve

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