WANTED: Wild Boyz – Unleashed! (1990)




Wild Boyz – Unleashed! (1990)

When I got my Internet account back in 1998, I started searching for Hard Rock bands from my youth. I had (and still have) a ton of old Rock magazines and I would grab a back issue and find bands I had forgotten about and search them. Those searches led me to Ebay and one of the rarest CDs at that time, the only release by California’s Wild Boyz, UNLEASHED!

Ten years ago, this CD was a rarity going for at least a couple hundred dollars at auction but the price has levelled off in the last three or four years. You can get an UNLEASHED! CD on Ebay for $40 – $80…..still a little pricey!

I really don’t know that much about the band. I’ve read the comparisons that Wild Boyz is a combination of Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd and Faster Pussycat but I’ve never actually heard a sample. The only other information I’ve had is that there was a Japanese release with a different cover. One of my collecting quirks is acquiring obscure ’80s Glam/Sleaze releases so I need this one.

Check out the Wild Boyz website.

For more history and discussion, check out the Wild Boyz – Unleashed! page at Heavy Harmonies.

‘I Don’t Wanna Cry No More’ 

7 comments on “WANTED: Wild Boyz – Unleashed! (1990)

    • i’ve also been trying to find this cd. i would even accept a burned copy of it .if you know where i can get it without paying 70 dollars let me know

  1. Ya I have been looking them up my self. since the only way I can learn anything about my Father (Matt) is to look him up on the internet or from my Mom. I am 19 years old now i was born may 2, 1990 just about the time this CD hit. I wounder if that is why he stoped seeing me. Yes i am his Daughter DNA done in 2006.

    Hey Kurt are you AKA K-lee


    • Shawna, i’m not K-lee, i grew up with joe and was looking for a buddy of ours named rick bravo……….i have not seen joe since our graduation in 1983 in Cottonwood Calif.

    • I knew your dad and the band when they were called Dorian Gray. I was more friends with Val than any of them and have been searching for a way to contact him since Kurt doesn’t answer on their home page. I used to hang out with them and go to rehearsals in Kurt’s garage. Never missed a show from 1988 – 2000. Should you ever catch your father see if he knows what happened to my old buddy.

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