WANTED: Global Metal DVD (2008)



Global Metal DVD (2008)

 The journey continues for anthropologist/director Sam Dunn and Scot McFayden as they document Heavy Metal and it’s effects on different societies. GLOBAL METAL (2008) is a continuation of Dunn’s awesome film METAL: A HEADBANGER’S JOURNEY (2006) and the journey goes beyond Europe and North America to countries in the Middle East, Asia, and South America to see just how the music is influencing the different cultures. Dunn’s first DVD was awesome and I watch it a lot, it gives me that extra burst when I feel like things are getting stagnant in my own small corner of the Metal world. I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while but I knew that the run in theaters was not coming to Rhode Island. The DVD should be available at my local record store and, if the price points I see online are correct, then it should cost $25 for the 2 DVD set.

6 comments on “WANTED: Global Metal DVD (2008)

  1. This is a good film; but did think Headbangers Journey was more in depth, this was too general.
    It is interesting in these type of films how passionate people are about music (especially Metal) from ‘other’ countries. We think we may be hard core fans in North America, but when you hear other speak about how much they have to go through to get the music and what they put up with politically – wow!
    We just don’t compare.
    There is a 2 CD soundtrack that goes with it- recommended.
    BTW, picked this up when it first came to DVD at Best Buy (in London, Canada) for $20 and a bonus t-shirt (DVD cover on the front and bands on the back).
    Also – Sam Dunn – a fellow Canadian!

  2. -http://rapidshare.com/files/153412723/Global_Metal2008DVDRip.part1.rar.html

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