Ebay Madness – Vinyl Edition: Ritual, Demolition, Krokus, Thunder Rider, Sunset

Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl!

I don’t know what it is but I just love finding obscure Heavy Metal vinyl selling for big bucks on Ebay. Maybe it’s because I have a turntable again but I started turning back to vinyl last year, without a turntable, as more of a nostalgia thing. I spent my formative Metal years scrounging through racks of LPs in local record stores looking at the covers and soaking in all the information. When searching Ebay, I found that a lot of obscure Metal albums on CD were readily available, in good condition, on vinyl for affordable prices. Economics dictate my collecting and I would rather spend $20 on an LP than $200 on a CD and some of the albums I was tracking were going for high prices just because they were CDs. That doesn’t mean all vinyl is cheap! There is a vinyl revival that has been growing every year and it has infiltrated the Metal world, many bands now release their new albums with a limited vinyl pressing. That also means some original vinyl presses of obscure albums are skyrocketing especially when CDs are not available or the reissues of said albums have suspect sound quality or are shoddy bootlegs. Either format can bring out the best bargains or the highest prices.

So here are some rare high priced Heavy Metal records that I have found, maybe some of you have them……

sunset-forgotten-kingdomSunset – Forgotten Kingdom (1986) = $103.49

Seller: shermy67
Starting Price = $99.99
Bids = 2

Here’s a band I’ve never heard of but someone must have because they decided that a starting price of 100 bucks was reasonable. I couldn’t find much information on Sunset except that they were a Melodic Metal band from the U.S. and this is their only release. The only other thing I found is that there is a bootleg of this album on Racer Records but I haven’t found any information online about it. There is a page at Vibrations Of Doom where you can listen to this album: http://vibrationsofdoom.com/test/test2/Sunset.html


thunder-rider-tales-of-darkness-and-lightThunder Rider – Tales Of Darkness And Light (1987) = $258

Seller: sunset-bomber
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 17

I don’t know much about Thunder Rider except that the band is from Canada. There really isn’t much information out there except that the band released a second album in 2002 and that this album was re-released on CD in 1997. The band does have a website (www.thunderrider.com) but it doesn’t seem like it’s been updated in a long time. There is a page at Vibrations Of Doom where you can listen to this album: http://www.vibrationsofdoom.com/test/ThunderRider.html


krokus-1st-lp-19761Krokus – s/t (1976) = $270

Seller: j.piero
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 24

This one is on my Want List! You don’t see this album all that much and I have been searching for this since 1998 when I found out Krokus had a self-titled album. In the last 11 years I’ve only seen two auctions on Ebay and both went over $100. The seller is from Switzerland and that makes sense because that’s where Krokus is from. If there is any place that there are some copies of this album it’s Switzerland! If you watch Ebay closely, you’ll see CD versions of this album from time to time but I found out that they are bootlegs. This album has never been released on CD, I found that out straight from the Krokus website. The album was graded G+ for the cover and VG+ for the vinyl and this auction ended on Feb 11, 2009 and that is significant because…..


krokus-1st-lp-1976-pic-2Krokus – s/t (1976) = $380

Seller: humblebeetree
Buy It Now Price = $380
Bids = 1

…..this auction ended two days earlier (Feb 9, 2009) with BUY IT NOW for a Near Mint copy (both cover and vinyl NM). This seller was located in Switzerland and the auction set the going rate for a really good copy of the record. That’s probably why the other auction had so many bids and went so high.


demolition-hooker-hater-axeman 7 inchDemolition – Hooker Hater/Axeman 7″ single (1981)  = $886.54

Seller: rattlehead14
Starting Price = $3
Bids = 21

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) always brings out the the rarest of the rare and the highest prices of all. This near mint 7″ single is no exception…..it started at $3 and went up to $886+, that’s a lot of money! Birmingham, England’s Demolition only released the two tracks and then disappeared like so many hopeful bands did back in the day. I tried to find some extra information on Demolition but there really isn’t much online or in The NWOBHM Encyclopedia (by Malc MacMillan). I did find out that High Vaultage Records released a CD titled WRECKING CREW in 2006 and it compiled the two songs on this single, 5 demos and 12 live tracks from 1981 that includes some songs that never made it to vinyl. Save those pennies because you can find the CD from time to time for around $25.

I’ve saved the best for last…..the most expensive vinyl LP I’ve seen in a long time…..

ritual-widow-1983Ritual – Widow (1983) = $1246.19

Seller: swirlingorgan
Starting Price: $1218
Bids = 2

I’m not sure if this is the “holy grail” of NWOBHM vinyl but the price sure dctates that somebody out there thinks it is. Congratulations to the seller for getting $1200+ for a simple record in this tough world economy…..at least it’s in Excellent condition. Supposedly the seller bought two copies from the daughter of the band’s former manager and the master tapes no longer exist. this pressing of the album has the distinction of the band name NOT being included on the cover, only the title. A lot of confusion surrounds the album and the band’s actual name, many think it’s Widow. Good news for everyone interested, Shadow Kingdom Records has reissued this album on CD with new artwork, 4 bonus tracks, extra liner notes and original artwork and photos. You can order it through CD Baby or through the band’s MySpace page.

2 comments on “Ebay Madness – Vinyl Edition: Ritual, Demolition, Krokus, Thunder Rider, Sunset

  1. This is a interesting entry. I’ve in most cases been a cheerleader of this kind of thinking. I’m hoping that this starts a revival of this kind of thinking along the same lines.

  2. Hallo, bin soeben auf ihre Webside gekommen,weil ich mich für Preis-infos über Krokus LP interessierte.
    Habe eine sehr gut erhaltene LP mit den zwei “Frauenschmetterlingen” auf der Hülle anzubieten gegen angemessenem Gebot.

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