Press Release: Alias – Never Say Never to finally be released by Angelmilk Records on March 20

From Angelmilk Records:

Angelmilk Records is extremely pleased to announce the signing of cult AOR heroes Alias for the long overdue release of their classic never released second studio album, to be titled Never Say Never.


The album’s release comes after Angelmilk’s Andrew McNeice spoke at length with the band’s guitarist Steve DeMarchi and representatives of EMI Canada, who the album was originally recorded for. EMI were so enthused with the idea, they decided to undertake the remastering process from original master tapes themselves and will control the release of the title in North America. Rights for the world outside North America are with Angelmilk Records and a release across all territories is planned for March 20, 2009.

In 1990, former members of both Sheriff (“When I’m With You”) & Heart formed Alias and released their self-titled debut album which went on to Platinum sales and chart topping songs including “Haunted Heart”, “Waiting For Love” and “More Than Words Can Say”. Now after more than 18 years, here it is…the second Alias album…for all the fans who have asked through the years why the band never followed up their highly praised debut release! Recorded over a five month period in West Orange, New Jersey USA back in 1992, this album has not seen the light of day until now! A few of the songs from these sessions were later re-recorded and appear on vocalist Freddy Curci’s solo debut release Dreamer’s Road, but other then that, the songs originally recorded, have remained in the vaults. Among the tracks featured are several songs written by James Christian (House Of Lords) and Mark Baker (Signal). It is fully expected that Alias will support the release of this record with a few select live performances in 2009.

Guitarist Steve DeMarchi states: “Unfortunately for us and many other rock bands at that time .. the Grunge scene exploded and had taken over … Even though the first Alias album was successful…the climate of music had changed almost overnight… Grunge was in … Rock was out. Through the years we always wondered if this album would ever get released…Never Say Never!”

The Band: Freddy Curci – Vocals / Steve DeMarchi – Guitars / Marco Mendoza – Bass / Larry Aberman – Drums / Robert O’Hearn – Keyboards / Dennis DeMarchi – Keyboards.

WebLinks: /

Track Listing: 01. Woman Enough 02. XTCOI 03. How Much Longer Is Forever 04. Give Me A Reason To Stay 05. Wild Wild One 06. Pleasure And Pain 07. The Warden 08. Bare Necessity 09. All I Want Is You 10. Call Of The Wild 11. Diamonds 12. Play Me A Song 13. We Want It All.
Bonus tracks: 14. Perfect World 15. Into The Fire 16. Call Me 17. Who Do You Think You Are 18. When I’m With You (live acoustic version).

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