Website Spotlight: KISS Burger


As a lifelong KISS fan I have bought my fair share of KISS merchandise over the years and attended plenty of concerts, I know all too well about the money making machine that was once a band. I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I saw this post on All Metal Resource. For a split second, without reading, I thought Gene Simmons had finally come up with another “doomed to fail” business venture but not out of the realm of reality. I mean, Gene WOULD do this! After reading the post and visiting the KISS Burger website, I knew it was just a clever fansite. Who comes up with this stuff besides Gene? Nothing is better than the slogan: “Our Meat, Your Mouth”. Check it out…..

2 comments on “Website Spotlight: KISS Burger

  1. You know, I’ve never been a huge KISS fan, but you gotta love Simmons. I mean the guy can turn rotten apples into gold, and as you said – they did write great music, but it would seem that the goal, at least for Gene, was to create an empire. I like the fact that KISS controls this empire, and aren’t at the mercy of the record industry – this is just good practice and taste.

    I feel bad for the other bands.

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