WANTED: Autograph – Buzz (2003)



Autograph – Buzz (2003)

I was filing away my CDs and I noticed that I was missing this Autograph album. Essentially this is the comeback album for Autograph but it’s really lead singer/guitarist Steve Plunkett with a whole new band. I’ve read that it’s more of a modern sounding album instead of the classic ’80s ‘Turn Up The Radio’ style Autograph but it’s supposed to be melodic Hard Rock. Steve Plunkett was the main composer and frontman in Autograph so I figure it can’t be too far removed from the overall sound.

This was a fairly common album to find when it first came out but it seems to have become a rarity in the last 5 to 6 years, I’ve seen copies go for $40+ on Ebay and select online retailers.

8 comments on “WANTED: Autograph – Buzz (2003)

  1. I dont have this, but i have the other AUTOGRAPH albums and his solo album that came out in the early 90s, very good one. I never bought this because i was afraid that the AUTOGRAPH magic was gone, but maybe i was wrong.

  2. I have a copy that I would be willing to sell for a reasonable price. Make me an offer. I think the album is pretty good and really like the title track, which is a mid-tempo song with a catchy chorus that builds nicely without going over the top. It does have a more modern vibe, but Steve Plunkit still sounds good to me.

  3. Did you ever find this? I’ve been looking for a long time, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Please let me know what you think and if it’s worth while.


  4. Espero sea tan bueno como los anteriores en especial del Turn Up The Radio del album Sign in Please – 1984 que es un temaso del glam metal, tambien oigan a KEEL, RATT DOKKEN, WINGER

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