Motley Crue in concert at Mohegan Sun Arena (Uncasville, CT) – 3/13/09

It’s Friday the 13th and Motley Crue is playing the Mohegan Sun Arena at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut and I’ve got tickets! Took the night off work, met a couple of my buddies and we went to the casino. After a nice dinner at one of the casino’s buffets, we headed into the arena. There was a band playing when we got in around 7pm and I have no idea who they were, by the time I bought a Crue t-shirt and we got a beer, the opening band was gone! We took our seats in the upper arena on the exact side of the stage (the Nikki Sixx side) and waited patiently for some kick ass Hard Rock.

Up first was Theory Of A Deadman. I’ve heard of the band but never any of the music, I don’t usually go for those Hot Topic styled bands that all the kiddies like. I went in with an open mind and, after a 30 minute set, I decided that Theory Of A Deadman suck. Second band on was Hinder…..another band I have heard of before but never heard any of their music. After an hour set, I was impressed. The songs had hooks for miles and a very melodic base, I almost could compare them to a more ’80s styled Buckcherry. Hinder made such an impression that I went online and sampled some of their music when I finally got home but I was there for only one reason…..Motley Crue!

Motley Crue setlist:

Kickstart My Heart
Wild Side
Shout At The Devil
Saints Of Los Angeles (with the singers from the opening acts)
Live Wire (with guitar solo intro from Mick Mars)
Too Fast For Love/On With the Show
Mutherfucker Of The Year (with an intro from Tommy Lee)
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Same Ol’ Situation
White Trash Circus
White Trash Circus (2nd performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Primal Scream (with a quick bass intro from Nikki Sixx)
Looks that Kill
Girls, Girls, Girls
Dr. Feelgood

Home Sweet Home

Basically your standard Motley Crue setlist with a couple of new numbers from SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES (2008). I knew about ‘Saints Of Los Angeles’ & ‘Mutherfucker Of The Year’ but ‘White Trash Circus’ was definitely a surprise, especially getting it twice. The band announced that they were taping the song for Jimmy Kimmel Live so they gave us two performances of the new single. If you’ve seen the Crue in concert before then you’ve heard all the hits before, not much of a surprise. What I liked was hearing the two songs from TOO FAST FOR LOVE, especially ‘Too Fast For Love’ with a quick ending of ‘On With The Show’…..what I would have given to hear ‘Starry Eyes’ or ‘Public Enemy #1’ but I’ll take it. Another couple of highlights for me were ‘Primal Scream’, ‘Same Ol’ Situation’ and ‘Looks That Kill’. Missing from the set were ‘Red Hot’ and ‘Louder Than Hell’, thankfully we didn’t have to put up with ‘Anarchy In The UK’ either, but the new songs fit in well in their place. I thought ending with ‘Home Sweet Home’ was kind of a “downer” even though it’s a great ballad…..I just kind of expected one more rocker to end the set.

The overall performance was really good: Tommy still hits the skins hard, Nikki pounds the bass, and Vince actually sang most of the words this time! He was in fine voice at this show but the performance of the night had to go to Mick Mars. I’ve never thought of Mick Mars as an influential guitar player and he’s never been one of my personal favorites but seeing this shrunken, almost cripple, skeleton of a man just wail all over the stage was what made the show so much fun. He was shredding, soloing, and keeping true to all of the classic riffs. From my vantage point, he seemed to be enjoying every moment on stage with the crowd. I’ve seen every tour that the Crue has done since the ’87/’88 GIRLS Tour (except for last summer’s Cruefest) and I think this was one of the better shows I’ve seen by the band. The only drawback was that they had 3 opening acts, I would have preferred 3 more Crue songs in the setlist. After the show in the casino, I was talking with some people that were involved with the tour production and I’ve heard that the setlist that they played tonight is going to be the set they play on Cruefest 2 this summer.

3 comments on “Motley Crue in concert at Mohegan Sun Arena (Uncasville, CT) – 3/13/09

  1. I saw Theory of A Deadman last year with Airbourne. I do like their new CD, but they are a total bore to watch live. They don’t have a whole lot of stage presence. Airbourne blew them off of the stage when I saw them.

    Hinder surprised the hell out of me when I saw them last December….they were quite good.

    Motley Crue always delivers. Glad to hear they put on a good show for you Steve!

  2. Hinder is awesome. You should really check out their latest album. Would’ve made my Top 10 for 2008… if I hadn’t heard it in 2009!

    I really wanted to see this tour in Grand Rapids, but Avenged Sevenfold/Buckcherry in Battle Creek won out thanks to the little woman.

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