Siren’s Gate – Haunt Me E.P. (2008)


Siren’s Gate – Haunt Me E.P. (2008)

  1. Borrowed Eyes
  2. Only An Angel
  3. Haunt Me
  4. Chains Of Pain
  5. The Garden Of Night


Band Lineup:
Alicia Taylor – Vocals
Casey Brew Curec – Guitar
Dave Hudson – Lead Guitar
Matt Camm – Bass
Winston Chamberlain – Drums

Produced by: Siren’s Gate

Country: Australia

Total Time = 21:19

Siren’s Gate MySpace page

One of the sub-genres of Metal that I never get sick of is Gothic Metal, specifically when fronted my a talented female lead singer. I’ve been listening to The Gathering, Lana Lane, Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation for a few years now but there seems to be a neverending stream of new bands starting up and releasing solid material. Add Melbourne, Australia’s Siren’s Gate to the mix. Not officially signed to a label, HAUNT ME is Siren’s Gate first independent release and the 5 song E.P. can be considered a demo. The good news is that the production is very good so it’s a very well done demo, maybe a little knob-tweaking is needed to push the vocals a little more to the front but it’s a small criticism. Otherwise the music is well done and I enjoyed a lot of the guitar work and rhythms.

‘Borrowed Eyes’ starts the E.P. off with a very heavy main riff and some solid drumming but Alicia Taylor’s vocals sound a little too far back in the mix, that can be corrected next time around. Alicia puts in a solid vocal all over the CD but sometimes I was waiting for her to get a little more aggressive. Her vocals are operatic and beautiful (haunting maybe?) but it sounded like she needed to really let loose with some extra power. Like I said, could be the mix but I enjoyed her performance overall. ‘Only An Angel’ follows the heaviness of ‘Borrowed Eyes’ but with a slight Iron Maiden style. The title track is a soft ballad that builds up with the guitars, a sign of what Siren’s Gate can do and do very well. My favorite of the five songs has to be ‘Chains Of Pain’ with it’s overt Maiden-isms. Honestly, this sounds like a Maiden song music wise, just put Bruce Dickinson in for Alicia and we have a new Maiden track! You can easily hear the influence but Siren’s Gate does make it their own towards the middle once they change pace. The band changes things up and adds a bit of Thrash to ‘The Garden Of Night’. It’s a heavy song with some really great drumming to go along with the buzzsaw riffs but it’s the atmospheric vocals that contrast the music that make it all come together.

Bottom Line:
Overall I liked it and I will be watching Siren’s Gate and seeing what they come up with next. The band is able to go from Metal to a ballad to Thrash and still retain power and beauty. Sometimes a lot of these gothic Metal bands try and stay in the ballad area, or their heavier songs border on Hard Rock, Siren’s Gate keeps it heavy with good guitars and solid drums. I also like the Iron Maiden influences. My only complaint is the vocals are a little far back in the mix but I can’t fault the band on that because there is only so much money out there when you’re putting music out on your own. Keep an eye on Siren’s Gate…..

Favorite Songs:
I liked all the songs but the two standouts are ‘Haunt Me’ and ‘Chains Of Pain’.

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