I finally found a storage solution for my CD collection!

It’s taken a long time but I finally found a solution to my storage/display problem for my CD collection. I have been searching for a storage solution for my collection since we moved into our house on Halloween 2006 and I have been met with dead ends. Back in our old apartment, we had high ceilings and I was able to use these beautiful wood cases from Bostonwood: a 900 CD case and two 750 CD cases. I posted updates on the state of my collection on May 9, 2007 and then again two months later on July 7, 2007.

This is the finished product — five Atlantic 448 CD cases without the doors.


The cases are only about 42-43 inches high and where the wall ends and the ceiling begins is just under 48 inches. The problem was getting cases I liked that fit the height restrictions and were economical. My wife and I found these at Best Buy on clearance for $53. Atlantic still makes them, Best Buy just doesn’t carry them anymore.

You might notice a little room at the bottom of each case. I did that for CDs I’m going to file in the near future. Nothing is worse than filing something in the letter “B” section and having to move every row in 5 cases over one space! The capacity is 2240 CDs and I estimate that I have about 2200 in there now taking into account the room I left.

The problem is that I’m going to need at least two more of these cases because I have three Rubbermaid containers in the other room that are filled with CDs and a growing pile on my desk!


This project will never be done! Head over to the Heavy Metal Addiction Flickr page for more pictures of my collection, click the link or scroll down the page and look for the pictures at the bottom of the sidebar.

14 comments on “I finally found a storage solution for my CD collection!

  1. This is a beautiful thing. Is this a listening room, office, bedroom? You may just have to pull them off the wall and go library style especially if you’re still buying them these days (which you most likely are).

    • It’s a little of both. Our upstairs is a re-done attic broken into 2 rooms. One is our bedroom and the other has the computer, stereo, and music…..my room!

      The main terminal is up here but we have a laptop downstairs WI-FI’d up along with an old CD boombox. I basically do all my listening up here now as well as my work on the site.

      It’s nice to finally have most of the CDs organized but expansion will be a problem…..for now this will do.

  2. Steve,

    nice setup … and welcome to the weekly/monthly/annual reshuffle. I’ve only had to shift 45 meters (in the living room) twice this year because the space I had left for new acquisitions was used up too fast. :)

    But every cloud has a silver lining: Whenever I “do the shuffle” I come across stuff I haven’t heard for ages, sometimes even stuff I didn’t know I had.


    • It happens to me all the time! I go to the store and buy something I already have…..then I have to return it next visit! That’s why making a master list of everything is the ongoing project!

  3. @Metal Mark

    That’s what I thought as well … until I hit a certain age limit, a certain number of CDs … and started buying stuff I already had.

    You know how it goes: You have thousands of CDs and then you happen to be standing in some shop a thousand miles away from home, with a real bargain in your sweaty hands, and you can’t remember if you already bought it or not. Unfortunately, this happens to me more frequently than I like.

    I guess you’re not old enough yet to fall into that trap?


  4. Volkher-Actually I used to organize all of my CDs, but then didn’t care as much about organizing them. I don’t buy many at all any more. I just get a lot of promos so not much problem with getting duplicates.

  5. Nice setup! I keep telling my wife I want a music room once we move into the new house. Your wife must be very understanding, my lady thinks I buy way too many cds, she’s probably right, BUT she did have a very nice rosewood cd cabinet custom made for me. It holds about 2000 cds. Right now I have about a thousand.

    • My wife is very understanding because she has put up with it all since we were kids! I’ll spare the long story but I’ve known my wife for 27 years and I’ve been a Metalhead/collector the whole time. She understands my passion and actually encourages it! I don’t smoke, drink, drug, or gamble so I have to have one vice…..MUSIC!

  6. I give you a lot of credit man. I was forced to leave all of my cases in my parent’s basement when I got married a couple of years ago. When I buy a house I have to figure out a similar arrangement to your great wall unit.

  7. Looks great your collection. For shore their are many cool cds in it. Keep buying forever steve. Hail to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

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  9. You seem to have solved your storage problem well, but if anyone is searching sites like this looking for inspiration check out http://www.abcdstorage.com. We had a similar problem and came up with our own solution because we couldn’t find an easy way to keep a large collection organized.

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