WANTED: Parlor Trixx – Step Into My Parlor (2002)


parlor trixx step into my parlor

Parlor Trixx – Step Into My Parlor (2002)

I stumbled upon Parlor Trixx sometime in 2003 through a message board I used to frequent that was geared toward CD collectors. Most of the users were hardcore Hard Rock/Metal collectors and they always gave tips on new bands and new releases. I remember reading about Parlor Trixx and checking out the band’s website but never ordering the CD. I should have ordered the CD because the band broke up in early 2006 and the CD sold out! As with many independent releases sold through band websites, the pressings are limited runs and sell out quick. From what I’ve read, Parlor Trixx gets compared to Def Leppard and many others from the ’80s Glam/Hard Rock past so I know that this album is one I would enjoy. I could always go and download it for free because the band has made it available at their website but I want the physical product for my collection! I’ve seen this CD sell on Ebay at a wide range of prices…..sometimes it sells for around $100 and sometimes around $30, it’s hard to predict the market because Parlor Trixx really wasn’t a big name even in the independent scene.

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