Psychostick – Sandwich (2009)


Psychostick – Sandwich (2009, Rock Ridge Music)

  1. Metal?
  2. Caffeine
  3. Shower
  4. A Lesson In Modesty
  5. P Is The Best Letter
  6. Minimum Rage
  7. Don’t Eat My Food
  8. The Hunger Within
  9. Grocery Escape Plan
  10. Too Many Food
  11. This Is Not A Song, It’s A Sandwich!
  12. Girl Directions
  13. Orange
  14. Beer (Pt.2)
  15. Do You Want A Taco?
  16. Attempt At Something Serious
  17. #1 Radio Single
  18. Vah-jay-jay
  19. Die…A Lot!
  20. You’ve Got Mail Enhancement
  21. Passive Vengeance
  22. 373 Thank Yous
  23. OUTTAKES!!!1
  24. We Ran Out Of CD Space


Band Lineup:
Rob “Rawrb” Kersey – Lead Vocals
Joshua “The J” Key – Guitars & Vocals
Jake “Jakermeister” McReynolds – Guitars & Vocals
Jimmy “Jimmychanga” Grant – Bass & Vocals
Alex “Shmalex” Preiss – Drums

Produced by: Psychostick

Total Time = 75:55

Psychostick MySpace page
Rock Ridge Music

Spinal Tap, Tenacious D, Bloodhound Gang, and Weird Al Yankovic…..all these bands play a comedic Rock style. Add some M.O.D. and you get Psychostick. The Phoenix, Arizona band has returned from a two and a half year stretch of touring the U.S. to release their third album titled SANDWICH. Psychostick blends Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Alternative together with a comedic lyrics to create their own unique sound called “Humorcore”. When I took my first look at the CD I knew this wasn’t my usual type of Heavy Metal, anything remotely resembling Punk or Alternative usually finds it’s way to the trash pile, but their was something interesting in the song titles that reminded me of Billy Milano’s M.O.D.

SANDWICH is 24 songs clocking in at over an hour and fifteen minutes long: some songs like ‘Metal?’ and ‘Vah-jay-jay’ come in at a few seconds while the fan tribute ‘373 Thank Yous’ tops out at over fourteen minutes. The band spoof a wide range of normal topics from an ode to coffee (‘Caffeine’), to good hygiene (‘Shower’), the grocery store (‘Grocery Escape Plan’) and the Internet (‘You’ve Got Mail Enhancement’). First thing you notice is that the band can play: Psychostick can lay down some serious music and the vocals have a ton of attitude, sarcasm and irony. There are some songs that you could easily put some serious lyrics too and get a regular Rock song…..but Psychostick obviously aren’t a regular band!

There are a lot of entertaining songs on SANDWICH and most of them have to do with food! I’m not sure if the band has had some hard times and missed a few essential meals or they hit every buffet in town, they seem to like anything to do with food. I counted 9 songs that had to do with some sort of food either by consumption or purchase but the song that I liked the best of the “food tunes” was ‘Minimum Rage’. If you’ve ever worked in retail (I do) and you’ve dealt with idiot customers then this is the song for you! Outside of food, I liked the rage filled take on getting directions from a woman in ‘Girl Directions’, the washing instructions in ‘Shower’ and the pride in lovving the female anatomy in ‘Vah-jay-jay’…..these songs had me laughing out loud. The problem I had with the album was that it was too long and a lot of the songs sounded like the previous ones. I hate to use the word “filler” but I found the last few songs a bit boring. ‘373 Thank Yous’ is 14+ minutes of the band singing the names of fans who donated money for the band’s studio time. Using an epic length tune to thank the fans instead of the liner notes is a unique idea but after hearing it once you don’t really need to again. Same thing with ‘OUTTAKES!!!1’, a song which is basically a musical blooper reel for the album, and ‘We Ran Out Of CD Space’ that really runs out of space. These songs are funny ideas but by the time you get through 21 songs it ends up being too much.

Bottom Line:
Psychostick is not my usual style of Metal band but they are entertaining. I had no idea what to expect when I read the band’s bio and first put the album on but I was pleasantly surprised. SANDWICH kind of reminds me of M.O.D’s 1987 debut album USA FOR M.O.D. because of the number of songs, the length of some are just a few seconds and both records are hilarious. The difference is that M.O.D. are very controversial and politically incorrect while Psychostick compose humor from normal things in everyday life… food! Overall I liked a lot of the songs but I used the <SKIP> button a few times. Metal fans are a serious breed and I’m not sure how SANDWICH will resonate in the Metal community but it’s a change of pace that is good from time to time. I heard enough interesting tunes to go back and check out Psychostick’s 2nd album, the 2007 Xmas record, THE FLESH EATING ROLLER SKATE HOLIDAY JOYRIDE but I’m still not sure what to expect.

Favorite Songs:
‘Shower’, ‘Minimun Rage’, ‘Grocery Escape Plan’, ‘Girl Directions’, ‘Vah-jay-jay’

4 comments on “Psychostick – Sandwich (2009)

  1. All hail the mighty ‘stick!!! I’m glad you picked this up. The first cd ( We couldn’t think of a title) is still the best. Holiday joy ride is ok. I’m a huge stick fan. You can hear my name at the 3:04 mark on the thank you song. Glad to see a decent review. Funny you mention all the food songs. What do you have against food? If food was a band, I’d go to every show…. Keep up the good work.

  2. I heard about this band when my friend said “Hey Jess, you listen to some stupid shit, check these people out!” Turns out I love them. :3 But every reveiw I find is all like “They suck.” Well to people who make bad reveiws… you suck! (And Joshua “The J” Key can kick Synester Gates ass Hollie!!!!!! So suck it!)

  3. Nice to see that people who didnt heard “We couldn’t think of a title” finds the 2nd album record funny. the 1st record kinda introduces you to the kind of humor psychostick is all about. surely you want to listen to it..

  4. great band, there first album made me LMAO the second 1 got me hungry mmmmmmmmmh tacooo(crunch*) still hilarious i hope they come by san francisco again i issed them the first time =(

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